We Keep Coming!

This time, we at SEZ gaming are showcasing a team we call "We Keep Coming"! 

This team is inspired from the love of Kayron, and is very situational. The main idea of this team is that they will tank and they will die, but they keep getting revived and counter attacks the enemy. This team excels against enemy cleave teams but struggles against stall teams. 


I would say this is a good second team so that you do not need to keep doing speed race against the enemy. 

Let's go over the details below!


Team Composition

Main Damage Dealer:

Arbiter Vildred

Stat Priority: Crit Chance = Crit Damage = Attack

Good to have Stats: HP and Defense


Stat Priority: Crit Chance = Crit Damage = Attack

Seaside Bellona

Stat Priority: Attack > Effectiveness = HP =  Defense = Crit Chance = Crit damage

This is a very hungry Seaside Bellona and will like all kinds of stats. Mainly use her for the debuff and constant damage with counter. 



Ruele of Light

Stat Priority: Health > Defense = Effect Resistance > Speed

I prefer her to move first from the team but after the enemy team has already moved. This is just incase she needs to revive someone that got cleaved to death or if a cleanse is needed to do maximum damage on the first turn. 

Maid Chloe

Stat Priority: Health > Defense = Effect Resistance > Speed

Similar to Ruele of Light, Ideally you would want to run both of them to be truly cancer, but 1 of them is enough for offense. 


Achates or Destina

Stat Priority: Health > Defense =  Speed > Effect Resistance

Use them for Dizzy counter or any team wide cleanse.


1. If you do not have enough damage, stall team could be a problem

2. Ruele of light and Maid Chloe being debuffed or killed first by enemy team. Dizzy forever stuns, or Dark Corvus and Fallen Cecilia taunts are some examples.

This concludes this week's Epic Seven Arena Team  Showcase and please feel free to Contact us about your Arena team!