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Privacy Policy

We use Google Analytics and Wix apps on SEZ Gaming in order to monitor our traffic. It consists in a javascript program, executed by your browser, that collects different types of non personal information and sends them to Google. From this data, traffic statistics are drawn up by Google Analytics, which we then have access to. The data Google Analytics collects includes:

  • Internet browser type and version;

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When we say that this information is non personal, we mean that it is impossible for us to correlate the behavior of any given user that makes up the statistics of Google Analytics with the actual identity of a user. We have no way to access the raw information collected by Google Analytics, and can only view the statistics.

These statistics are vital to the short and long-term operation of the website, since without them we would be unable to evaluate which guides perform well, optimize search engine ranking visibility, and so on.

In terms of GDPR, Google Analytics is a "data processor", and they are obliged to make sure that they conform to the regulations, through their own privacy policy.


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