Defeating Azimanak 13 


1. Dispel "Berserk"

2. Cleanse "Bleed" and "Poison"

3. Do not apply more than 3 debuffs at once

4. Bring AOE damage dealers

5. Have enough damage to kill the boss fast in the last 30%

6. Do not apply more than 3 buffs

1. Dispel "Berserk"

Berserk is the key mechanism, if players do not dispel it at a timely manner, Azimanak will wipe the team. 

To counter this, we need buff stripper's effectiveness at least 65% because the boss now has 80% effect resistance.

Also "Cannot Buff" debuff actually prevents Azimanak from gaining Berserk. 


2. Cleanse Bleed and Poison

Azimanak Deals more damage to Heroes that have Bleed and Poison on them.

"Death trap" detonates all Bleed and Poison effects too.


So for safety reasons, cleanse all the negative debuffs as fast as possible.

3. Do not apply more than 3 debuffs at once


When Azimanak has 3 or more debuff, it does 4 things:

1. Cleanses the debuffs on it

2. Gain extra turn

3. Increases attack

4. Immediately casts "Death Trap"

Since we are trying to auto battle, we suggest bringing only 2 types of debuffs on the team. We think the two most valuable debuffs are "Cannot Be Buffed" and "Defense Break"


4. Bring AOE damage dealers


By AOE we mean damage that targets multiple enemies.

Players need to kill the eggs to deal more damage to Azimanak.

 Characters like Vildred can deal massive damage to the boss and the egg at the same time.


5. Have enough damage to kill the boss fast in the last 30%


The first 70% is actually not terrible, but the last 30% is really a DPS check.


Because of "Tenacious Vigor", our team's healing effects are decreased by 90%, which simply means we need to defeat Azimanak before it wears us down. 

6. Do not apply more than 3 buffs

Because of "Hellish Cut", Azimanak will immediately cast "Death Trap" if it attacks a target with 3 or more buffs. 

We Suggest minimizing the damage and avoid being silenced by bringing less than 3 buffs.

Useful Artifacts

Iela Violin


The single most useful Artifact for Azimanak hunt.

This artifact makes almost all mage heroes a great secondary or primary Buff strippers.

This artifact can be obtained from the Halls of Trial Exchange shop.

Wondrous Potion Vial


Great help for removing debuffs. Especially when your cleansers are silenced by "Death Trap". 

Daydream Joker


Daydream Joker is one of the best Damage dealing Artifacts because it deals at least 1.5% health of the boss and it scales with Crit Chance and Crit hit Damage. For example, if the hero has 200% Critical Hit Damage it will be at least  4.5% extra bonus damage. 


Team Compositions

Role 1: Cleanser to remove bleed and poison debuffs

Role 2: Buff Strippers to dispel berserk as fast as possible, preferably have buff dispel on auto attacks

Role 3: AOE Damage Dealer

Role 4: Defense Breakers


Ideally our teams should have the following:

1 or 2 Cleanser/Healer + Tank

2 or 3 AOE Damage Dealer

2 Buff Dispel Abilities

At least 1 Defense Break

Example Teams


Adventurer Ras: Buff Dispel + Defense Break

Arbiter Vildred: AOE damage


Irelia : Buff Dispel + Cannot Buff Debuff + Defense Break

Tamarinne: Healer + Cleanser + Buff Strip


2 Cleanser

2 Healer

1 Tank

2 AOE Damage Dealer

2 Buff Dispel Abilities

2 Defense Break


Recommended Heroes

Role 1: Cleanser to remove bleed and poison debuffs



Cleanser, Buff Dispel, Healer, Tank

Tamarinne is just useful in so many contents because of all her utilities. Azaminak is no exception. Upon transformation, she can help dispel Berserk and Cleanse all the debuffs. We would recommend not putting her as Tank as her Transformation Buff counts as a buff and can accidentally trigger Death Trap.

Angelic Montmorancy
Angelic Montmorancy


Cleanser, Healer, Tank

She doesn't have buff strip or damage boost compare to Tamarinne, but she does have tons of cleanse and Immunity buff. She can usually resist all the debuffs the boss throws at her too. So she is not as prone to being silenced. Very useful for safe and consistent runs.

Role 2: Buff strippers to dispel berserk as fast as possible, preferably have buff dispel on auto attacks



Buff Dispel, Debuffer, Damage Dealer

She applies the two best debuffs for this Hunt, "Defense Break" and "Cannot Buff". If you have Tamarinne or anyone with long Cooldowns, Iseria can help reset their Cooldowns.


Sez's Tip: "Cannot Buff" Blocks Berserk too!

Adventurer Ras


Buff Dispel, Tank, Defense Break

Adventurer Ras has buff dispel on his S1 and at a pretty decent 75% chance. His S2 also procs dual attack which works pretty well with heroes like Vildred. Immunity Buff also helps block out all the harmful Debuffs.



Buff Dispel, AOE Damage Dealer

Charles is here to correct Azimanak's postures! The fact that he can constantly proc his Buff Dispel is very useful. Plus he deals a lot of damage. 

Falconer Kluri

Buff Dispel, Defense Break, some Healing

Falconer Kluri is amazing as she has a very high chance of dispelling Buff and a reliable Defense Break. The only caveat is make sure she is fast enough to cycle her Dispel if you are relying on her to dispel Berserk. 

Role 3: AOE Damage Dealer

There are many other heroes that can work here, so be creative!


AOE Damage Dealer

Amazing damage dealer here. All his attack is AOE and the eggs will constantly triggers his passive.


AOE Damage Dealer

Similar to Vildred, her S1 hits multiple targets which makes her ideal for against A13 Hunt. However she is very niche and has very little use in other contents. 


AOE Damage Dealer,  Defense Break​

Her skill 1 triggers Skill 3 and deals % damage and her Skill 3 applies defense break.

On top of all that, she can apply immunity buff with skill 2 to increase chance of survival. 


Sez's Team

Arbiter Vildred

AOE Damage Dealer


Artifact: Alexa's Basket

Champion Zerato

AOE Damage Dealer, Buff Stripper, Tank

Artifact: Iela Violin


Buff Stripper, Healer, Cleanser

Artifact: Magaraha's Tome

Angelic Montmorancy​


Healer, Cleanser

Artifact: Rod of Amaryllis

Key things we considered

Arbiter Vildred applies chance to miss on his S3, so we are forced to turn off skills for this fight because that will push us over 3 debuffs.

We also turned off skills for Champion Zerato to not exceed 3 debuffs. 

Because we have Montmorancy and Tamarinne, we find that we have more than enough Cleanse for the debuffs. Plus our team is geared enough to not need to worry about dying during the one turn silence. 

While Arbiter Vildred is not as good as Green Vildred for this fight, he does supply extra safety by having revive.

After turning off their skills, you will notice we only have "Attack" and "Immunity" buffs being the two turn buffs. In our opinion, these are the two best buffs to bring for this fight. 

Occasionally Montmorancy will apply the continuous Healing buff, but it doesn't happen enough for us to worry. 

Champion Zerato is our main "Berserk" Buff dispel, so his effectiveness is 65%. 


This team is not fast but it is showcasing how you can build a team. Hope this helps!

Team Stats


Team in Action

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Epic Seven made easy by Sezgaming! Until next time!