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 Types of Soul Weavers

Soul Weavers are mostly healers or buffers in Epic Seven. There are two general versions of Soul Weavers...

Tank Version

  • Usually only Beginning and Mid Game or for Hunt Tank

  • Tank Soul Weavers are usually put at the front line to take damage

  • They have a lot of Defensive stats

  • They have longer cooldown spells that can turn the tide of a battle.

Some popular Tank Healer are: 

Ruele of Light

Fast Version​

  • Fast Soul Weavers are more focused on speed

  • They have abilities with short cooldowns and spammable spells or they could have a powerful buff that we want them to use first.

  • They can still take a punch, but just not as tanky as a Tank healer. 


Some popular Fast Healers are:

Angelic Montmorancy

Focused Stats

The stats that are focused for both Tank and Fast Healers are the same. Just different priorities.

Tank Healer's priorities are the following:

1. Health

2. Defense

3. Effect Resist or Speed

Fast Healer's Priorities are the following:

1. Health

2. Speed

3. Defense

4. Effect Resist 

Note: Angelic Montmorancy will need at least 100 Effect Resistance to function properly


Best in Slot Equipment​

As a result of the Focused Stats being the same, the best in slot equipment is also the same just with different emphasis.

Note: Weapon Cannot get Defense Sub Stat


If we find that we have enough health as is already, we can switch the main stat of Ring, Necklace or Boots to Defense % for more damage mitigation.


Typically 15k HP is a good amount for contents in the beginning. If you are planning on tanking with the healer for Wyvern 13, you may need to get to 20k HP.


Sample Soul Weavers Build​


Here we have a few Soul Weavers built just for reference. We will also share where we use the Soul Weaver. 

Tank Version

Content Used

Labyrinth, Abyss, Wyvern Hunt Tank

Angelic Montmorancy is actually more suited for a Fast Soul Weaver than Tanky version. However she is versatile enough that she can work. Especially because her high Effect Resistance. You often see her resist most of the  harmful effects which makes her an amazing front line. 

This Montmorancy is on an Alt account that didn't have Angelica or any other Wyvern Tank options built. Just to show that just because you do not have a specific hero doesn't mean there are no other ways around it.

Content Used

Wyvern Hunt Tank

This is a very typical Wyvern Hunt Tank. She can be used in Abyss with Montmorancy. 

Fast Version

Content Used

Labyrinth, Abyss, Azimanak Hunt, PVP (sometimes)

Tamarinne is fast because we want her to transform as soon as possible. Her heal is also on very short cool down. She can be used everywhere. Like Everywhere!


You can see the speed is significantly higher than the healers in the Tank section. In a mid to late game situation, it is possible to build a much faster healer with 15k + HP. 

Content Used

Labyrinth, Hell Raid,  Abyss, PVP

Angelic Montmorancy again but this time a faster version. She is used everywhere and we absolutely love her. 

This Montmorancy will not be able to tank Wyvern 12 or 13, but a lot more versatile in other mid to late game contents like Hell Raid, Abyss and PVP. 

Hope this gives you all a good idea of how to build a Soul Weaver. Let us know if you have any questions or comments by Contacting us here

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E7 made EZ by Sezgaming. Until next time!