This page is focused on Reviewing all the available heroes in Epic Seven Selective Summon. This is to help new players  decide which hero to re-roll for. 

If you need help on how to re-roll, please read our Re-rolling guide.

Now lets get into Epic Seven Seleective Summon Heroes Review!

Available Heroes

We separated the heroes that are available in Selective Summon into three categories: 

Top Recommendations

Heroes we recommend to start with 


These are great choices but more niche compare to the top recommendation. Some of them are not as beginner friendly as Top recommendation. 


For Lovers Only 

Heroes in this section are not recommended to select, if we are using logic. But Love is blind and defies Logic, and you know you would do anything for your lover! So feel free to pick these heroes just be sure you are able to live with the results. 


Terms We Use




Characters that clear Stages fast alone. These are important when you start getting into 6 starring your characters and leveling up new characters.



Area of Effects, Attacks or effects that influences multiple targets.  


Player versus Player, currently we have Guild Wars and World Arena, Arena as PVP contents



All the content that is against the game itself instead of other players. For example, Hunts, Abyss and Labyrinth.


Late game content where you will be farming for amazing gears and is where you will spend most of your Energy in the late game. There are many different types of Hunts and if you came from Summoners War, these are the GB10, Necro and so on.


By far one of the most important Hunt is Wyvern 11 and so most of the Ice element units will get a bit of a boost in this review because players can only bring Ice unit for Wyvern 11 and above. 

See our Wyvern 11 guide and Wyvern 13 guide for more information.

Top Recommendations

Heroes we recommend to start with 


Useful Contents


PVP, Wyvern Hunt



  • Great Single Target damage dealer in all content

  • Extinction on S3 which causes enemy you defeat with the skill cannot be revived

  • Applies a lot of Debuffs which is amazing in Wyvern Hunts where Debuffs are important (See Wyvern 13 Guide)

  • Useful in PVP



  • Not a fast Farmer

Sigret is our top recommendation because she makes Wyvern Hunt easy. This is significant because Wyvern Hunt is by far the most important Hunt currently and she will make the hunt easier because she can apply many debuffs and deal massive single target damage. 

Her only weakness of not being a fast farmer is not a big issue because through Connection Heroes, all players get a free farmer in Free Spirit Tieria. Her Farming speed is on par with all other great farmers in the game. 

Sigret can be used in PVP too since she deals amazing single damage target. She can be used against popular heroes like Arbiter Vildred, because her S3 can apply extinction. Extinction causes the hero to be unable to revive. 


All in all, players will be farming Wyvern Hunt from Early game till late game so Sigret will really help get players in a really good spot. 

See how we build Sigret here


These are great choices but more niche compare to the top recommendation


Useful Contents


Golem Hunt, PVP, Abyss



  • Great Life Steal 

  • AOE Stun ability

  • Very tanky

  • Can Farm harder stage easily because of her life steal ability



  • Doesn't apply a lot of debuff outside of Stun

Ravi is strong in PVE and now making a comeback in World Arena for PVP. Her AOE stun is amazing for many PVE content, where controlling the opponent will be useful. This stun is also amazing for PVP which makes her very viable in all stages of the game. 

Sez's Tip: The Stun Debuff disables the enemy from doing anything for 1 turn. 


She also heals herself for quite a bit with her innate life steal which helps her stay in battle for a long boss fight.

She can solo carry many players through a lot of contents because of her high sustainability and Stun abilities. With her viability in late game, we do not think players can go wrong selecting Ravi as one of the first 5 Star heroes


Useful Contents


Farmer, Banshee Hunt, Azimanak Hunt, PVP



  • Great damage dealer

  • One of the fastest Farmers in the game

  • Amazing in Banshee Hunts and Azimanak Hunt

  • Great in Arena Cleave teams



  • Cannot be used in Wyvern Hunt because he is Grass Element


Vildred is viable in many contents in both early game and late game. His S2 Passive makes him one of the fastest farmer in the game  He can be used in Azimanak 13, Banshee 13 Hunts late game too. Even PVP some people build Arena teams with him. 

However nowadays, people can use Free Spirit Tieria, so we highly recommend Sigret Instead. 


For Lovers Only

Heroes in this section are not recommended to select, if we are using logic. But Love is blind and defies Logic, and you know you would do anything for your lover! So feel free to pick these heroes just be sure you are able to live with the results. 


Useful Contents





  • Great Heals

  • Great Cleanse

  • Very Tanky



  • A lot 3 star and 4 star heroes can do her job


There is nothing wrong with Destina as a unit, she does everything you want as a healer. The only down side is she doesn't apply immunity buff, but that hardly matters when she can heal and cleanse so well. So why is she down here with the "For Lovers Only"?

TOO MUCH COMPETITION. Destina is now a good to have but not really a necessity with the release of Angelic Montmorancy, Angelica and Achates. Out of the three Angelic Montmorancy really killed her for me. Because Angelic Montmorancy is a Connection 3 star hero that becomes one of the best Healer after specialty change.

You can see how we build Angelic Montmorancy here


If you have access to one of the best healers for free already, it is very hard to recommend another healer at Selective Summons, especially when you have so many hero that actually have unique skills and abilities.  


Useful Contents


PVP, Certain stages of bosses in PVE



  • Buff Steal

  • Great AOE damage with S3 when granted Invulnerability Buff


  • Not as useful as other heroes in the beginning 


Ludwig is not terrible as he has some pretty interesting buff and skills. We just struggle to find ourselves having to pick him over all the other heroes.


Even for PVP, he needs a lot more support compare to other main damage dealer. The main problem is that he needs invulnerability to shine with his S3. This means he will need to somehow avoid all the buff strippers (like Basar) in PVP, which is very difficult at the moment.


There are ways to make him work, some streamers like YDCB has showcased him and has used him for a while. However you may find yourself in a p ickle if y ou do not have the correct hero to support him.

To us he is more of a late game fun hero instead of first or second hero.


Therefore.......Lovers Only!


Useful Contents


Golem Hunt, PVE


  • Applying Burn and Unhealable Debuff

  • Attack Buff

  • AOE stun


  • If the target is immune to Burn, she struggles to be useful


Aramintha would have been a perfect for Wyvern Hunt just like Sigret, if she is an ice unit. She was amazing back in the old days from Wyvern 1 to 10 until Wyvern 11 and beyond forces players to build Ice units. 

With many mid to late game bosses forcing players to not apply Debuffs, it has been a struggle to use Aramintha in late game scenarios.

She may have some niche use with her AOE stun on Skill 3, but there are 4 star heroes that could be more efficient if you are looking for stun effects. 

Baal & Sezan

Useful Contents


Golem Hunt, PVE, PVP


  • Applying AOE Debuffs

  • "Poison" debuff on S1 can kill bosses fast


  • If the enemy is immune to debuffs, he is not going to be useful.

Baal & Sezan can apply 4 very high quality debuffs like Defense Break, Decrease Speed, Unhealable and Poison. Not many heroes can apply more than 2 debuffs, but Baal has 4 by himself. This makes him ideal for Golem and various Boss fights that are not immune to debuffs.

He is also great for PVP as he can cripple the enemy team and then let your main damage dealers finish them off. 

While he has the potential to be very impactful, we struggle to recommend him because like many other heroes on the list, be prepared to build a Wyvern Team and Farmer if you decide to pick him. Also his role is not completely unique, usually players just need Defense Break debuff as a set up and Tywin can do the job just as well and he has a lot more use in the early game.

This is why we rate him lower than Iseria and Basar the two other late game focused heroes.

We truly believe Baal & Sezan's rating might change in the future, but for now we are going to have to stick with "For Lovers Only"


Useful Contents


PVP, Certain PVE boss fights



  • S3 is AOE strip buff and combat readiness push back and applies "Cannot Buff" debuff

  • S2 is AOE Decrease Attack and Hit chance



  • PVP meta changes so make sure you double check his viability before you decide to pick him

  • Not very useful in early game contents



Basar is decent in PVP but with recent new heroes released, he is now not a must have. He does not help with Early game content so we highly recommend just wait for his banner later in the game and focus on other more early game friendly heroes in Selective Summon. 


Useful Contents


Wyvern Hunt, Farmer, PVP



  • Decent Farmer

  • High Single Target Damage

  • Good looking (mascot of our site!)

  • has some use in PVP



  • 3 Star hero Lena is faster at farming than him

  • Not the best choice for Wyvern Hunt

  • May not be as viable in late game (although people have made him work)


Before Vildred's buff, Sez used to be one of the fastest farmer. Now with lots of newer hero and various buffs to Vildred, he is a little overshadowed. 


Sez is very similar to Vildred, except Vildred is just better at everything he does outside of the looks department. Sez can be used in PVP and can be used as one of the early Damage dealer for Wyvern 11, but in late game there will be other better or easier to build options.

With all that being said, he has managed to carry a lot of us older players through many stages of the game and he gets his jobs done! If you like his design.


Useful Contents


PVP, Wyvern Hunt



  • Great Defense break

  • Great buffer

  • Useful in certain PVP Team



  • Slow Farmer


Useful Contents


Golem Hunt, PVP, Abyss



  • Great Single Target Damage for a Bruiser

  • Reliable Defense Break

  • Golem Hunt



  • May be a little more Gear Dependent

Fire Ken is a great starter hero as he can serve as both a Tank and a Damage dealer. He is not as popular in higher level PVP as before, but he can still be seen used in various Guild Wars and Arena Teams because of his amazing single target defense break and stun abilities. This also helps against a lot of different bosses. 


Useful Contents


PVP, Abyss, Labyrinth, Azimanak Hunt, Banshee Hunt



  • Skill 2 has a very unique effect, Skill Cooldown decrease

  • Skill 3 is a Single Target buff removal and also applies Defense Break and Unable to Buff.   

  • Azimanak Hunt (see Guide here)

  • Very useful in PVP as she creates many interesting combos with many heroes. Tamarinne, Dark Corvus are some examples. 



  • Not a fast Farmer

  • Not as beginner friendly because you need to be creative with her

She is not particularly useful in the beginning like she cannot clear Wyvern 11 or become a farmer. On top of that, she also requires a bit more game knowledge to really unlock her full potential, we decided to downgrade her a bit. 

If you are thinking for the long term, Iseria is a pretty decent pick because she should always find a spot in certain team and create fun combos with new or existing heroes. A very fun character for PVP oriented players that also works well in various PVE contents. Just be ready to get creative :)


Useful Contents


Wyvern Hunt, Abyss



  • Applies unique "Magic Nail" Debuff cannot be resisted and amazing for PVE

  • Great single Target Damage

  • Wyvern Hunt 



  • Not much use outside of Wyvern Hunt

  • Not a fast Farmer

By Putting Chloe here, shows how important we think Wyvern is. The most unique thing about her is she applies this debuff called Magic Nail and whenever your team smack the target that has the Magic Nail debuff, it deals % health damage to the enemy as bonue damage. 


You can probably see that this is amazing in a lot of boss fights in Abyss, Labyrinth or Wyvern Hunts. However the down fall is that if the boss is immune to debuffs, Chloe's viability becomes very questionable. 


Just know that she is a pretty niche hero but the niche is one of the most important contents of the game since Wyvern Hunt is important from beginning to the end stages of the game. 


Useful Contents


PVP, Golem Hunt, Farmer



  • Great AOE damage when she has buff

  • Gains Attack and Defense buff when attacked

  • Easy to gear because her skills always Crits when buffed

  • Pretty fast farmer if you have a lot of Crit Damage and Attack. 



  • Cannot be used in Wyvern Hunt

With many changes and rework, Charlotte is now a good hero. We think the biggest selling point of her is that she doesn't need Crit Chance since her skills automatically Crits when she is buffed. Her attacks also becomes AOE damage when she is buffed. She can gain Attack and Defense Buff when she is attacked which will make her a great farmer. She also has a passive that whenever she takes damage she will gain a Attack and Defense Buff. 

She is a faster farmer than Ravi because she can clear stages by herself a little faster due to her higher damage and AOE damage. However she does not have the high sustainability that Ravi has. She is also a little more niche in later game. 


This concludes our Selective Summon Guide. Feel free to check out  our other Hero Guides, and Beginner's guides

Sez Gaming Made E7 EZ!  Until Next time!