Boss Stats


Hopeless Symaqus (Ice Expedition)


Key Mechanics

  • Fatigue: Makes highest attack unit immobilized. Fatigue can only be removed by pushing the affected Hero's Combat Readiness to 100%

  • Earth Elemental heroes takes less damage and deals more damage

  • Knight hero takes less damage.

  • Hopeless Symaqus auto attack always attacks front row.

  • Massive AOE damage with "Frenzied Attack" and "Standarized Destruction"

  • After being attacked 6 times, Hopeless Symaqus automatically retaliate with an AOE attack

Water skill 3.png

General Tip

Two ways to deal with Fatigue

1. Bring a CR pusher like Lots or A. Lots that increases the Combat Readiness by 100%. 

2. Just bring one high attack unit to be forever immobilized and use the other 3 Heroes to clear the stage

Bring as many Earth Elemental heroes as possible

Put Knight hero in front row preferably Earth Knights

Bring cleanse to bleeding effects and AOE Heal
Try not to bring too many heroes that are fast and attacks multiple times before Hopeless Symaqus takes a turn

If we attack Hopless Symaqus too many times before it take a turn, the AOE attack it performs hurts a lot and could be bad news if it follows up with another AOE attack. So we may want to slow our heroes down a bit to focus on survivability. 

Example Teams

Team 1 : Falconer Kluri, Lots, Baiken, Cidd
Team 2 : Iseria, Tamarinne, Landy, Rose

Both Team 1 and Team 2 uses the combat readiness push to get the 4th damage dealer out of Fatigue. Both contains knights in Rose and Flaconer Kluri. Notice we try to keep it all as Grass units except Tamarinne. 

One thing to be wary of is, try not make the team too fast or else there is a chance that it might trigger Hopeless Symaqus's extra attack. 

Team 3: Gunther, Falconer Kluri, Baiken, Destina

Gunther will be super high attack and will forever be Fatigued. Baiken, Falconer Kluri and Destina will need to try and deal as much damage as possible. 


Destructive Gigantes (Dark Expedition)


Key Mechanics

  • Electrocute Debuff deals % damage damage to your whole team each turn it is not removed​

  • Electrocute Debuff can only be removed by using a non-attack skill

  • Tank minion increases Skill Cool Down

  • Light heroes are bad

  • Single Targete always attack front and as usual knights take less damage

  • Tank Minion can be CCed

Area fire.png

General Tip

Bring Heroes that have non-attack skills

Due to Electrocute, we should bring heroes that has non-attack skills to cleanse the electrocute. Heroes like Cermia, Top Model Luluca are great damage dealers for this. 

Healers and Knights like Falconer Kluri and Rose  all have non-attack skills

Control the Tank Minion

By Controlling, we mean apply debuff or decrease CR on the Tank Minion. Heroes like Arbiter Vildred, Tenebria and many other control units can cripple the Tank minion so our team wont get our skill CD increased. 

Bring Immunity Buff or Build Higher Effect Resistance

Another way to deal with Tank minion is to use immunity buff so you do not get increased cooldown. Another thing is to put more effect resistance to help. 

Put Knight hero in front row

Do Not bring more than 4 Buffs

Example Teams

Team 1: Iseria, Tamarinne, Vivian, Rose
Team 2: Tenebria, Tamarinne, Cermia, Falconer Kluri
Cermia head.png

Both teams contain a damage dealer that has a non-attack skill in Cermia and Vivian. Team 1 relies on Vivian's Immunity buff to prevent the Cooldown increase. 

Team 2 relies on controlling the Tank minion and limit it. 


Tank also has a non-attack skills. 

Tamarinne can be switched to any healer, Tamarinne is just one of the most offensive one. 

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Brutal Pherus (Fire Expedition)


Key Mechanics

  • Skill "Shred" Deals AOE damage and silences the team. Brutal Pherus also enters Offensive Posture. 

  • Offensive Posture: Increase Damage of Brutal Pherus, and can only be dispelled after being attacked 6 times.

  • Ice Elemental heroes takes less damage and deals more damage

  • Knight hero takes less damage.

  • Brutal Pherus auto attack always attacks front row.

  • 3 or more debuffs activates Gust

General Tip

Use units with Combat Readiness increase on S1 to break Offensive Posture

Because Combat Readiness effects are all increased when boss is in Offensive posture, we can use heroes like Commander Lorina to correct Brutal Pherus's posture immediately and deal massive damage.

Use Dual Attacks to break Offensive Posture

Heroes like Kitty Clarissa, Tamarinne, Lilias can trigger dual attacks to help get multiple attacks in at break Offensive Posture. 

Bring as many Ice Elemental heroes as possible
Put Knight hero in front row, preferably Ice Knights

Don't bring more than 2 debuffs to avoid extra Gusts

Example Teams

Team 1: Lorina, Rose, Taranor Guard, Tamarinne 
Team 2:  Adventurer Ras, Tamarinne, Luna, Taranor Guard

Team 2 Adventurer Ras as tank could increase the gear requirement by quite a bit. So be sure he is tanky enough or else stick with Ice tanks. 

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Blooming Snag Lich (Earth Expedition)


Key Mechanics

  • Hell's Gate applies Neurotoxin, which wipes the team if it explodes after one turn. 

  • Kill the Crystal to get vaccine or immunity against Neurotoxin

  • Knights take less damage at the front row

  • When Lich uses Soul Divide and the target's health is low, it does extra attack

  • Combat Readiness Push is forbidden

General Tip

Use Heroes that can hit multiple targets

Ultimately everyone wants to auto expedition. So bringing heroes that can target multiple target can help us damage Lich while killing the crystal in a timely manner. Some examples of heroes are Vildred, Kanna, or Fire Baal and Sezan

Kill Crystal in a timely manner

This is probably the trickiest part, especially on Auto. We need to kill it every 3-4 turns and make sure we do not kill it too fast so the immunity wears off. 

Put Knight hero in front row, preferably Fire Knights

Like other expedition, Knights take less damage and elemental advantage also helps greatly. 

Keep health above 50% for Frontline especially

Due to Soul Divide, we need to make sure our tank is above 50% health at all times. 

Dispel Lich's Attack Buff

Example Teams

Team 1: Baal and Sezan, Tamarinne, Kayron, Adventurer Ras
Team 2: Tenebria, Hazel, Arbiter Vildred, Lilias

All teams contain heroes that can hit multiple targets. This helps with killing the Crystal and Multi target attacks deal more damage to Lich. We most likely cannot take many turns beacause combat readiness push is forbidden in this expedition, bringing Defense Break is very important to maximize damage.

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Pain Pursuer Moroi (Light Expedition)


This concludes our Expedition Strategies. Check out our other guides here

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