Before we go on, we want to say that we do not recommend players to farm Golem. The only reason we are writing this guide is to assist players with completing adventurer's path. Currently Golem sets are inefficient. 

We highly recommend focus on farming Wyvern. See our Wyvern Hunt guide is here


Keys to Defeat Golem Hunt

1. Control the Minions

2. Cleanse Debuffs or Apply Immunity Buff

3. Apply Unhealable Debuff and Dispel Buffs

4. Bring Fire Heroes


1. Control the Minions

In Golem 13,

Treant Minion: Heals and cleanse debuffs after

Crystal: Defense breaks the whole team

In lower Golem Hunt 1-10, players might be able to get away with killing the minions through AOE damage. However in higher Golem Hunt 11 to 13, it might not make a lot of sense to rely on that tactic. Instead we should be applying Debuffs to immobilize or limit their turns. 

The most effective debuff is Stun Debuff. Sleep and Silence are not as useful because Treant is immune to those. 

Combat Readiness push back is also useful as it works against Golem and its minions. 

Effectiveness needed for Golem Hunt 13 is 65% and below is 55%


2. Cleanse Debuffs or Apply Immunity Buff


Golem and the minions all apply some annoying debuffs. For example, Statue's Rage is Golem's Counter attack and will stun one random enemy. So we need to make sure we have a way to deal with the debuffs. Either bring Immunity Buff or bring enough cleanse to remove defense breaks and stuns.

Having healers on high Effect resistance and or use artifact Wondrous Potion Vial can help. 

Effectiveness needed for Golem Hunt 13 is 65% 

Effectiveness for Golem Hunt 1 to 12 55% is sufficient. 


3. Apply Unhealable Debuff and Dispel Buffs


Treant has the most annoying skills as it will keep healing Golem if he is not dealt with. We can either permanently Control it, or we can apply Unhealable Debuff.


Notice Treant's Healing is done before dispelling, which is why we can still block the healing with unhealable debuff. 

We should always try to remove Attack buffs on Golem to lower damage from Golem.


4. Bring Fire Heroes


Fire Heroes will deal extra damage to Golem.

Non-Fire Heroes take extra damage from Golem.  

Team Compositions

Cermia head.png

A typical Golem Hunt team composition should have the following:

1. Healer

2. Unhealable Debuff or Control Minion

3. Single Target Damage

4. Defense Break

5. Cleanse

6. Buff Dispel

7. Good to have: Immunity and Defense Buffs

Example Team

Adventurer Ras = Defense and Immunity Buff, Buff Dispel, 

                                  Defense Break

Ravi = AOE Stun and Combat Readiness Decrease for   

             Control Minion

Tamarinne = Healer, Cleanse, and Buff Dispel

Cermia = Unhealable Debuff and Single Target Damage

This team  has everything from items 1 to 7. 


Recommended Heroes

Healer and Cleanser

Damage Dealer


Healer and Cleanser

Healers and Cleansers are important because of the massive AOE damage that Golem will be doing and the annoying defense break and stun debuffs. 

Hazel SC
Mascot Hazel

Hazel's Specialty change is basically tailored to Golem. She increases all Fire Hero's damage significantly and she applies unhealable debuff. 

Players can even build her offensively so that she can heal and do damage. 


Achates has teamwide cleanse and heal and also has invulnerability Barrier. 

On top of all this, her basic attack can decrease attack. She will not be the choice for faster clear speed, but she is one of the safer healers. 


Yes, her again. Tamarinne the PVE queen is again useful in Golem. We think she is the best choice due to the fact that she can be used in many other contents. 

She heals, CR Push, Attack Buff, Cleanse, Dispel, and so on and so on... just build her!

Damage Dealer

We will go over some damage dealers that are effective in Golem Hunt.


Haste is basically a Golem hunter. His skills are all geared toward destroying earth units. His S1 can steal the buff from Golem, and his S2 heals and applies Unhealable debuff. Finally he deals massive damage with S3. 

If player's gear quality is good enough, Haste can replace Healer role and player's team will have 4 Damage dealer instead. Just make sure to have a way to deal with the Stun and Defense break debuffs. 

Cermia head.png

PVE damage queen. She has incredible Single Target damage wiht her self buff and high multipliers. She also gives extra turn to herself which can remove defense break debuff at times. 

On top of that, Cermia can apply Unhealabe debuff with her S1 makes her ideal for Golem. She is useful for Golem and many other contents. 


Azalea has Unhealable and Defense break and deals really good damage. She also does not need MolaGora to skill enhance being a 3 star hero. So if players would like an easy to build hero, Azalea is a decent choice. 


Control heroes we are focusing on controlling the minions either through Stunning them or combat readiness push back. The idea is to limit their turns and stop them from using their annoy skills. 

Because we are focusing on Auto'ing, we will focus on heroes that have AOE (Team wide) Control abilities.


She can apply Unhealable and also has a chance to stun the enemy team. She also helps give Attack buff to the whole team making her a nice candidate for Control and Damage Dealer. 


Yes we know she cannot sleep the treant, but she has combat readiness decrease + Decrease speed debuff. Which will help decrease the amount of turns the minions take. 


On top of that, she also applies Defense break which will  help with clear speed. 



Useful Artifacts

Wondrous Potion (Heal & Cleanse)

One of the best Artifacts to help remove Stun and Defense Break. It has 100% chance of removing one if maxed.


Another good one is Stella Harpa

Daydream Joker ​(Damage)

Daydream Joker deals massive damage to bosses because they all have high health totals. On top of that, Daydream Joker's extra damage actually scales with Crit Chance and Crit Hit damage. So even though it is only 1.5% to 3% of the health. If player built their units with high Crit damage and Crit Chance, they can easily deal close to 5-10%. 


Example Team with Stats

Team Composition



Team Compositions

Below we are showcasing a Golem Team we used to simply complete Adventurer's Path Missions.

The Team Composition is as the following:

Adventurer Ras = Defense Break, Defense + Immunity Buff, Dual Attack, and Buff Strip 

Ravi = Damage Dealer and Control 

Cermia = Damage Dealer with unhealable debuff

Tamarinne = Cleanse, Healing, Buff Strip, and Attack Buff


Types of Debuffs:

Unhealable, Target, Bleed, Defense Break, Magic Nail





This concludes our guide. Feel free to check out All our other Guides or Useful Artifacts for Wyvern. 

E7 made EZ by Sez Gaming! Until next time!