• Players mainly farm EXP at Adventure, Unrecorded History, Event Side Stories

  • Penguins can be used to level up or sold for gold

  • Fodders are Heroes that are used for Promotion

  • Phantasmas are heroes that are used for promoting Heroes, they gain extra EXP to help speed up the leveling process

  • ​​Friendship 10 gives 3 Skill Enhancements

If players want to know the best way to level up. Please check out our Best Way to Level Up guide here


Where to Earn Experience?

Many contents can earn EXP, but typically there are 3 places to farm EXP.

Sez's Tip: Farming means doing a content repeatedly. We farm EXP because we need to continuously level up many many heroes in Epic Seven. 



Unrecorded History Side Stories

(Unlocked Permanently after beating 10-10 on Ritania)


Event Side Stories


Sez's Tip: Some Event Side Stories do not give EXP for example Advent Side Stories do not give EXP but gives really nice rewards instead. 


We go over how to level up fast here




Penguins can be obtained through Friendship Summon and EXP overflow from Combats in Adventure and Side Stories. We will discuss in detail on what EXP overflow means in later section. 

They can be used to level up Heroes or be sold for gold. 



Heroes that are used to promote other heroes typically a 2 Star heroes.

They are also commonly used to promote Heroes from 3 Star to 4 Star. Players can do that by leveling these Heroes up to 2 Star max level and Promote to 3 Star. Then use it to promote desired 3 Star Heroes or Phantasmas to 4 Star.


2 Star Fodders can drop from Adventure and Side Stories, or they can be summoned from Friendship Summon. 


Fodders can also be Heroes that players have multiple copies of but has no use. We typically recommend using them to promote the same hero so that the hero gets Imprint and the promotion benefits for maximum efficiency.


Phantasmas (aka. Dogs)

Phantasmas are used specifically for promoting Heroes.

They get extra EXP, which makes them ideal to max level and be used for promotion


  • The Rarest of the Phantasmas. Players usually get like 2 of these each month unless there are special events, Reputation and Adventure's Path

  • Arrives at 4 Star max level

  • Promote it to 5 Star and use to 6 Star your 5 Star heroes. 

  • Do not need to be leveled


Second Rarest Phantasma players can get.

  • Arrives at 3 Star max level

  • Promote it to 4 Star and level to 4 Star Max and promote to 5 Star

  • Usually used to Promote 5 Star heroes to 6 Star when players ran out of Terra  Phantasmas


Most common Phantasma, it can be summoned through Sanctuary, Forest of Souls building Weekly Reputation

  • Arrives at 2 Star max level

  • Promote it to 3 Star and level to 4 Star Max and promote to 4 Star

  • Usually used to Promote 4 Star heroes or Phantasmas to 5 Star

  • If players have a lot of Stigma, it can be used to promote 3 Star Heroes to 4 Star

Using Fodders Efficiently

To sum it up, the most efficient way to use all fodders is the following:

2 Star Fodders, promote them to 3 Star

Mega-Phantasmas (white dogs), promote them to 4 Stars

Giga-Phantasmas (Yellow Dogs, promote them to 5 Stars

Terra Phantasmas (Black Dogs) Promote them to 5 Stars

Multiple Copies of a Hero can be used to promote the same Hero for Imprint. If both the Moonlight and Normal Hero are already SSS, players can decide if they want to sell natural 3 star or above Heroes for Silver Transmit Stone or use them to level up other heroes.   



Friendship is earned when players use the hero in various contents. Only World Arena is not giving Friendship points at the moment. 

At Friendship 10 (Max Level) Players can earn 3 Skill Points. Skill Points is basically a MolaGora Replacement but can only be used on the specific Hero. 

If a Hero is already at Max Skill Enhancement, players will receive 3 MolaGora instead. So it is important to determine if players would like to +15 the Hero or leave it at +X. Let's say players would only want to get the hero to +7, Players should leave it at +6 Skill Enhancement and then farm until the Hero reaches Friendship level 10 and use the Skill Points to +7. The idea is to save 3 MolaGora whenever possible.


Max Friendship also unlocks special expressions.