Abyss Floor 25: Cidd and Dingo

Updated: Nov 20, 2021

Key Dingo Skills

Key Cidd Skill

Keys to Beating this Floor

1. Kill Mice and Cidd as soon as possible to avoid massive AOE damage from Dingo's skill "Quick Grill"

How Sez Gaming Beat this Floor

Team Composition: Sez, Aither, Rin, Elson

Key Points of our strategy

1. Kill order: Mouse --> Cidd --> Dingo

2. Unhealable from Sez helps


1. Kill order: Mouse --> Cidd --> Dingo

For us, Mouse is a lot easier to kill because Mouse has less health and also it is fire element. So Sez will be able to do massive damage without worrying that he will miss his attack.

The key to victory is to avoid Dual Attacks from the enemy team since Dingo can use "Quick Grill". By killing all his minions, he will not be able to do a lot of damage since no Dual Attack can be triggered

2. Unhealable from Sez helps

Applying unhealable debuff on the enemy team negates Dingo's heal and makes it much faster to clear the minions and Dingo.

Team Stats

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