Abyss Level 91: Charlotte

Updated: Dec 28, 2021

Don't bring Dizzy! Lorina carried this one

Finally New Updates and Abyss! Decided to start a quick series on how I managed to defeat the new Abyss level.

Keys to Beating this Floor

1. Bring Single Target Damage Dealers

2. Enough Heal for AOE damages

3. Kill the Mushrooms to Apply Debuff on Boss

  • Killing Purple Mushroom: Boss Gets "Defense Break" Debuff

  • Killing Yellow Mushroom: Boss Gets "Cannot Buff" Debuff

  • Killing Blue Mushroom: Boss Gets "Decrease Speed" Debuff

  • Killing Red Mushroom: Boss Gets "Decrease Attack" Debuff

Sez's Tip: Mushrooms are basically unaffected by AOE damage. You have to kill them one by one.

Killed a Mushroom and applied Debuff on Charlotte

Key Boss Skills

Verdict from these skills

  • We need to debuff the Charlotte to damage her

  • Charlotte get a random buff every turn

  • If the character is not a damage dealer, they should not be attacking the boss for no reason

How Sez Gaming Beat this Floor

Team Composition: Commander Lorina, Tamarinne, Angelic Montmorancy, and flex

1. Brought Lorina

2. Brought enough Healers to Survive AOE damage

3. Killed Yellow Mushroom and occasionally Red Mushroom or Purple Mushrooms to Apply Debuff

4. Healers keep attacking Mushrooms


1. Brought Lorina

Bringing at least one strong single target damage is very important in this fight since the boss is practically immune to AOE damage. If I know better, I would have brought another single target damage instead of dizzy as you see in all my pictures (lols)

2. Brought enough Healers to Survive AOE damage

As usual I think most Abyss is just survival fights. I almost always bring 2 healers to help negate damage and remove debuffs. It also allows me to kill Purple Mushrooms occasionally

3. Killed Yellow Mushroom and occasionally Red Mushroom or Purple Mushrooms to Apply Debuff

This is the main Mechanics. You have to kill mushrooms to start damaging the boss. I think the most beneficial is definitely Yellow Mushroom so that Charlotte stops getting random buffs. This will negate a lot of damage. All the other mushrooms are optional depending on your team.

I noticed we cannot kill all the mushrooms because then we do not have time to attack the boss. So we really need to choose wisely on which mushrooms to kill.

4. Healers keep attacking Mushrooms

Because of Counter Attack Stance, healers should just keep attacking mushrooms Damage dealers should attack the boss.

Team Stats

We are not going to share Dizzy Stats here since she was just trolling there.

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Hope this helps. Until next time!