Epic 7 Abyss Floor 100: Apocalypse Ravi (Part 1)

Updated: Apr 21

The Epic Seven Abyss 100 Floor is very complicated and long. So we are going to separate this into a few 4 phases. Our format is going to be a little different.

Be ready for a wild ride... and lots of frustration.


Part 1

Team Setup

Minion Wave

Wyvern Phase

Part 2: Apocalypse Ravi

Team Setup

Must Have

  • At least 1 team buff, 2 buffs preferred

  • All Heroes' Critical Hit chance needs to be as close to 100% as possible

  • Single Target Damage Dealer, This fight has a lot of damage checks.

  • Cleanse

  • Defense Break

  • Bring 2 debuffs at most

Our Team Setup

Tamarinne: Buffer + Healer + Cleanser

Irelia: Refreshes Tamarinne + Defense Breaker can be secondary damage dealer.

Commander Lorina: Single Target Damage

Lilias: Cleanser and extra damage. Can be replaced with Adventurer Ras.


The fight actually requires 2 buffs, our second buff is going to be from Arky. If players use Adventurer Ras or some other hero inplace of Lilias, you may not need to rely on Arky as much.

Use Artifacts such as Midnight Bloom to help with Crit Chance.


This Abyss Floor is basically a gear check. We can barely do the fight with the below gear quality. So keep in mind sometimes its simply players have to improve their gear quality before defeating this floor.

Minion Wave

Keys to Defeating this Phase

Ignore Everything and Focus Damage Blind Eye Lich


We find that dealing with the Mushrooms is way too complicated. It is better to just rush down the Lich. As long as we defense Break the Lich, it has not been too much of an issue killing Lich intime before Mushroom Explodes.

It is also important to note that if players cannot accomplish this, the gear quality is probably not good enough to complete this floor as there are even harder gear checks later on.

Wyvern Phase

Key Skills

Keys to Defeating this Phase

  • Have enough damage to break Barrier from Tail Swing

  • Have 2 buffs before Wyvern uses Dragon's Might

  • Don't apply more than 2 debuffs

  • Cleanse all the debuffs

How Sez Gaming Beat this Phase

  1. Save cleanse for Hit Chance and Stun debuffs

  2. Brought only 2 debuffs

  3. Use Arky and Tamarinne's Attack buff, before "Dragon's Might " for two buffs

  4. Use Arky for extra damage on Barriers


1. Save Cleanse for Hit Chance Debuff and Stuns

Wyvern will constantly remove buffs and apply hit chance debuff. This will significantly decrease our damage output and needs to be cleansed immediately.

Another annoying thing is Wyvern will stun one of our heroes before going into barrier phase. The stun needs to be cleansed immediately too for maximum damage output.

2. Brought only 2 debuffs

Wyvern has passive "Dragon Rage" that lets it gain an extra turn when they have 3 or more debuffs. This is to prevent Dizzy and many other heroes like Sigret to be useful in this fight.

Notice our team only Irelia has debuffs. We highly recommend 1 of the debuff to be Defense Break.

3. Use Arky and Tamarinne's Attack buff, before "Dragon's Might " for two buffs

Another interesting Mechanics we had to deal with was Dragon's Might dealing extra damage when heroes do not have 2 or more buffs.

We make sure we have 2 buffs ready to be applied on the turn when Wyvern is about to use Dragon's Might. This is to avoid our buffs getting dispelled by Wyvern's Fire Barrage.