Epic Seven Abyss Floor 106: Luluca

Updated: Dec 28, 2021

Tips to Beat the Floor

Minion Phase

  • Do not use AOE Attacks (attacks that target all enemies) because it resets enemies' cooldowns and also Combat Readiness pushes the enemy.

  • Kill all minions but prioritize Green minion first because it deals a lot of damage

  • Cleanse all Debuffs

Luluca Phase

  • Bring Defense Break

  • Bring Buff Dispel to remove Immunity and various buffs that Luluca and her minions will have

  • Bring Heroes that can apply Buffs, as many as possible. Preferably Hero that can apply 2 Buffs with one skill. Also try to avoid Immunity buff, because it could get dispelled every turn.

  • Never apply more than 2 Debuffs on Luluca, she will full cleanse it and punish you

  • Heroes should have 2 Buffs on them at all times to reduce damage also avoid Luluca from taking extra turns. Do not attack Luluca if the hero doesn't have 2 Buffs.

Sez's Tip: These are long description for skills, but basically it means if you have less than 2 Buffs on the Heroes, bad things happen.

  • Save Arkys until last 50% to help burn Luluca down fast

  • Minions dispel Buffs with their CD, so players should be ready to apply new buffs right after Minions

How Sez Gaming Beat this Floor

Team Composition

Tamarinne Iseria Landy Diene


Recommended Artifact: Wondrous Potion Vial

Tamarinne is good because she can help cycle skills and apply buff. She also works well with Iseria meaning we will almost always have Attack Buff up and can cleanse whenever it is needed.


Recommended Artifact: Daydream Joker

Iseria is really good here because she can help reset Cooldowns for either Diene or Tamarinne to make sure we always have buffs up. She also dispels Buff and give Defense Break on the enemy. Defense Break is important because we do not want this fight to drawn out for too long.


Recommended Artifact: Daydream Joker

Although Landy can be replaced by other heroes like Arbiter Vildred or any Damage Dealer, Landy is special because she can apply teamwide Speed Buff and really punish Luluca for applying buffs on her team.


Diene is amazing in this fight because her S3 gives 2 Buffs and if we Soulburn it, the cooldown will be incredibly short. This means that we will always have 2 buffs on as long as players dont get caught inbetween Luluca's Minions dispelling our buffs. She makes this fight incredibly easy.

Team Stats

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Hope this helps. Until next time!