Epic Seven Abyss Floor 107: Pavel

Updated: Dec 28, 2021

Tips to Beat the Floor

Minion Phase

  • Try to Control the minions as much as possible so that they do not attack. The Cannons reset each other's Cooldown and Combat Readiness Pushes when they attack.

  • Do not apply debuff before Temple Guardian uses "Advance"

  • Damage becomes too much when all three Cannons attack. In our method, we decided to kill the Cannons. Once we get 1 or 2 Cannons dead, the fight becomes very straightforward. However, in the beginning we need to focus damage on Temple Guardian due to his passive "Front Shield".

Sez's Tip: We got Temple Guardian's Health down to about 70% before we start focusing Tanks. Then we rely on splash damage to get Temple Guardian's Health further down

  • Cleanse all Debuffs

  • Feel free to use your souls as much as possible, then start saving souls when theres only one Cannon and Temple Guardian left.

Pavel Phase

  • Dispel Pavel's Buffs (VERY CRITICAL) to reduce the damage from Destructive Pursuit significantly.

  • Try not to use non-attack skills because Pavel will cleanse debuffs, Increases Combat Readiness and gain Evasion Buff when that happens.

  • Control the Wolf or Roozid using heroes with single target debuffs.

  • Avoid using AOE Damage but do it if you need it to control the Wolf or Roozid just know that it will decrease Wolf or Roozid's Skill Cooldown.

  • When Pavel's Health decreases below 50%, Roozid comes out and does his Cooldown. So make sure Pavel doesn't have Destructive Pursuit ready right when we get his health to below 50%.

How Sez Gaming Beat this Floor

Team Composition

Tamarinne Tenebria Spector Tenebria Adventurer Ras


Recommended Artifact: Wondrous Potion Vial

Tamarinne is good because she can help cycle skills and apply buff. She can also Soulburn and heal on S1 so we can reliably heal during Pavel Phase. Maybe Blaze Dingo can work here too or some kind of Blood Stone Damage Dealer.


Recommended Artifact: Etica Scepter, Abyssal Crown, Iola Violin

Tenebria is really good here for both Minion phase and Pavel Phase. She has AOE Control skills and also has single target Sleep on her S1. Make sure we time when to use our Sleep Skills because some the rest of the team does have skills that can break Sleep.

Tenebria can be replaced by other control units.

Specter Tenebria

Recommended Artifact: Daydream Joker

Specter Tenebria's Poison on S1 is amazing to kill things fast. She also has a Single Target Stun incase we need it. At Pavel Phase, we actually avoid using S3 because it makes S1 because multi target and sometimes break the Sleep on Pavel's Wolf or Roozid.

Specter Tenebria can be replaced by other Damage Dealers, she is just one of the faster ones because she has Poison on her S1 and comes with a Stun.

Adventurer Ras

Recommended Artifact: Aurius

Adventurer Ras is used because he can strip buff, and dual attack with Specter Tenebria to apply more poison. Defense Buff also helps negate a lot of damage.

Team Stats

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Hope this helps. Until next time!