Epic Seven Abyss Floor 74: Basar

Updated: Dec 28, 2021

Key Skills


Keys to Beating this Floor

1. Kill Minions to minimize damage

2. Damage Race

3. Make sure to bring Cleanse if players decide to Defense Break Basar

How Sez Gaming Beat this Floor

Team Composition

Sez, Specimen Sez, Angelic Montmorancy, Kizuna Ai

Our Strategy

1. Kill Order: Purple Minion --> Pherus --> Basar


1. Kill Order: Purple Minion --> Pherus --> Basar

We highly recommend killing the Pherus because Basar and Pherus's combo will deal massive damage to our whole team.

Killing the Pherus will minimize the risk. The rest of them is really just killing Basar before Basar kills us.

This stage is a very simple damage check.

Team Stats

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