Epic Seven Abyss Floor 76: Ruby Wyvern

Updated: Dec 28, 2021

Key Skills



Lizard: Dual Attacks

Fire Seeds: Increase Attack and Dispels Debuffs

Keys to Beating this Floor

1. Kill Lizard to avoid Dual Attacks

2. Kill Minions first and then Wyvern

3. Buff Dispel is very helpful in this battle

How Sez Gaming Beat this Floor

Team Composition

Sez, Specimen Sez, Angelic Montmorancy, Kizuna Ai

Our Strategy

1. Kill Order: Lizard --> Fire Seeds --> Wyvern


1. Kill Order: Lizard --> Fire Seeds --> Wyvern

The fight is pretty straightforward, just kill Lizard to avoid annoying dual attacks and then the Seeds to prevent them from giving buffs to Wyvern. Use Arky to help speed up the battle but dont over use it. Because we do not want Wyvern to be below 50% with minions still alive. This is because Wyvern gains a speed buff when its health is below 50%

Bringing Heroes that can strip buffs is very helpful as Wyvern will gain some annoying buffs like Attack buff and Speed buffs.

Team Stats

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