Epic Seven Abyss Floor 77: Ravi

Key Skills


Keys to Beating this Floor

1. Kill Minions

2. First attack on Ravi each turn should be someone you don't care if they get stunned

3. Bring Immunity Buff and Cleanse (Wondrous Potion Vial Artifact helps)

How Sez Gaming Beat this Floor

Team Composition

Sez, Specimen Sez, Angelic Montmorancy, Kizuna Ai

Our Strategy

1. Kill Order: Minions --> Ravi

2. Hit Ravi with any hero other than Angelic Montmorancy

3. Apply Immunity buff before Ravi uses "Devil Drive"


1. Kill Order: Minions --> Ravi

The minions just deals extra damage to us so it is best that we remove them to make the fight much simpler.

2. Hit Ravi with any hero other than Angelic Montmorancy

Because of Ravi's Counter Attack, we need to avoid our cleansers getting stunned. Our first attack is usually Sez or Specimen Sez. However because we have both Angelic Montmorancy and Kizuna Ai that can cleanse, we are not that threatened by this Ravi's Stuns.

3. Apply Immunity Buff before Ravi Uses "Devil Drive"

This is the most dangerous skill if players do not have Cleanse or Immunity buff. To be safe we will Soulburn Angelic Montmorancy's S3 and apply immunity buff to our team. This completely negates all the risk of team getting stunned.

Team Stats

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