Epic Seven Adventure: Ep. 2 Cidonia Stage 10-10 Fastus Guide

Updated: Nov 20, 2021

In this guide we will talk about how to defeat Fastus in Epic Seven Adventure Cidonia Stage 10-10.


Phase 1: 100% to 40%

Phase 2: 40% to 0%

Sez's Team

Phase 1 100% to 40%


1. Don't Bring Buffs

2. Make sure you are not debuffed

3. Make sure you have high Critical Hit Chance

4. Bring Dispel Buff to strip Immunity and Anti Crit on Fastus

5. Kill all Minions before getting Fastus's Health to below 40%

6. Bring AOE damage to clear minions fast

Phase 2: 40% to 0% Health


1. Kill him before he kills you, he will start dealing more damage because of Rampage

2. Mechanism remains the same as Phase 1

Sez's Teams


AOE Damage and the minions dying can proc her passive from time to time.

Blaze Dingo

Some extra damage, but his S1 cleanses with the exclusive equipment. He can be swapped to any soul weaver too

Arbiter Vildred

Some extra AOE damage and extra life is always good for him.


Tamarinne can be replaced with any Soul Weaver that cleanses. However Tamarinne also dispel buffs on Fastus, which is useful getting rid of Anti Crit Buff on Fastus.

Team Stats

This concludes our Epic Seven Cidonia Stage 10-10 Fastus Guide. Check out other guides here

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