Epic Seven Adventure: Ep. 2 Cidonia Stage 4-5 Vivian Guide

Updated: Nov 20, 2021

In this guide we will talk about how to defeat Vivian in Epic Seven Adventure Cidonia Stage 4-5.

General Tips

1. Bring Buff Strippers, it is critical that Vivian doesn't have any buffs

2. Bring Cleanser to Cleanse Defense break from Karven

3. Keep Health above 50% as much as possible

Sez's Teams

Falconer Kluri

Reliable Buff Strip and nice Defense Break to try to keep the fight short.


Similar to Falconer Kluri, reliable Buff Strip and can decrease CD of other heroes for extra utility. You may only need one buff strip if your equipment is good enough. We brought two just incase.

Damage Dealer

Any Damage Dealer is good here.


Montmorancy, Tamarinne, Achates and many other Soul Weavers that can cleanse debuffs and heal is good here. Try to keep your health above 50%.

This concludes our Epic Seven Cidonia Stage 4-5 Vivian Guide. Check out other guides here

Epic Seven made EZ by Sez Gaming. Until Next time!