Epic Seven: Adventurer Ras Build

Updated: Dec 11, 2021


Why Adventurer Ras?

  • S2 Defense Breaks and Dual attack with highest Attack Hero and applies immunity buff to both hero.

  • S2 is has shortened cooldown when Soul Burn

  • S3 applies Defense buff for the team

  • No MolaGora Needed

  • Buff Strip on S1

  • Easy to build to become viable

  • One of the highest Health in the game

How Sez Built the Hero

After Specialty Change, Ras becomes Adventurer Ras that is incredibly useful in PVE and also PVP contents.

We built him with around 200 speed so that he is not too slow to cycle his skills. We also like him a little slower so that we can remove immunity buff on the other team and we can do use S2 to deal massive damage to one of the opponent.

However being a superfast Ras is not bad either because he can apply defense buff to the whole team or apply a 2 turn Immunity buff to your damage dealer. As you can see Ras is just a great hero and you can literally build him however you like.

We have at least 65% Effectiveness to use him in Azimanak Hunt and various PVE contents. The effectiveness helps with landing defense break and stripping buff.

Stat Priorities

1. Health

2. Speed, Defense, Effectiveness

Skill Enhancement

If you are not building a bruiser Ras, he doesn't actually need any skill enhancement. THisi s because all his skill up is for increase damage. However since skill enhance doesn't cost MolaGora, we upgrade him as much as possible.

Contents Used

World Arena

Guild Wars


Azimanak 13




Artifact Used

All Good Knights Artifact

Similar to many Knights. Ras can use almost any of the popular Knights Artifacts. Aurius, Rise of the Monarch, Elbris, anything. He will make it work and really depends on what our team needs.

We find ourselves switching an Artifact every week so we will leave this artifact decision up to you all.

This concludes this Hero Build. If you want to see other heroes we built, please click here

Sez Gaming make Epic Seven EZ. Until next time!