Epic Seven: Alexa Build

Updated: Dec 1, 2021


Why Alexa?

  • Useful for Wyvern Hunt

  • S1 attacks twice when she lands a Critical Hit and both attacks will proc Daydream Joker

  • S2 Applies two Poison

  • Doesn't Need MolaGora to Skill Enhance because Alexa is a 3 Star hero

How Sez Built the Hero

This Alexa was actually used on one of our Alt Accounts' first Wyvern 13 team. She is 5 Star and is enough. 6 Staring Alexa will allow her to do a little extra damage and a little more health so that she doesn't die.

We put a lot of focus on Crit Chance and Critical Hit damage because the main goal is to maximize the damage bonus from Daydream Joker. Daydream joker's bonus damage scales with Critical Hit and Critical Hit damage. Whenever Alexa's S1 Crits, she will do an additional hit and deal tons of damage.

We need at least 85% Critical Hit Chance or 35% Critical Hit Chance if paired with Furious (Furious applies Crit Hit Chance Buff to the team).

We turn off Alexa's skills so that she can keep spamming S1 because this will allow us to have a more predictable and stable run.

S2 and S3 are useful skills too but players will have to test them out to see if it is worth it. For our Wyvern Hunt team, we pair Alexa with Clarissa and Furious, so we have more than enough Debuffs as is.

Stat Priorities

  1. Crit Chance (85% for Wyvern Hunt) Crit Hit Damage

  2. Speed, Attack

  3. Effectiveness (65% if players would like to apply Poison with S2)

Skill Enhancement

Since we turn off Alexa's Skills, we only max skill enhance S1.

Contents Used

Wyvern Hunt (Guide Here)

Artifact Used

Daydream Joker

Daydream Joker is the absolute best Artifact on Alexa or basically all Damage dealers for Wyvern Hunt. Daydream Joker scales with Critical Hit Damage and deals tons of damage to bosses like Wyverns.

This concludes our Hero Build. If you want to see other heroes we built, please click here

Sez Gaming make Epic Seven EZ. Until next time!