Epic Seven: Angel of Light Angelica Build

Epic Seven Zahhak Build


Why Angel of Light Angelica?

  • Angel Angelica can stop many AOE attack Cleavers with her passive that cleanses and provide Skill Nullifier and Combat Readiness Pushes

  • All her skills have very high effectiveness

  • Silence and Unbuffable Debuff, while also being able to dispel Buffs

  • Can be built very fast to surprise some teams and potentially cut into enemy team's turn

How Sez Built the Hero

Angel of Light Angelica (we are going to call her Angel Angelica) was created to counter many aggressive team compositions that relies on AOE damage attacks. She at one point almost caused an extinction in Cleaving until people start figuring out how to counter her. Regardless, Angel Angelica is still a great hero that counters many things if used correctly.

To utilize her passive which requires the team to take damage once, Angel Angelica should be built slightly tankier so that she doesn't get one shotted. So some Health and Defense is nice on her. Artifacts like Proof of Valor can assist her with survival if needed.

We think having some Speed on Angel Angelica is important so that she can take her turn and use her S3 which applies Silence and Unable to Buff Debuffs while stripping buffs from the enemy team. This helps disrupt the enemy team while help setting up our team for success.

Since her debuffs are so powerful, giving her Effectiveness can help her apply the debuffs.

Some players also opt to just build her super fast and surprise the enemy team with Angel Angelica's S3. Super fast Angel Angelica can cut into enemy's rotation and disrupt their setup.

Stat Priorities

  1. Health, Defense

  2. Speed, Speed can be priority #1 if players decide to build super fast version.

  3. Effectiveness

Skill Enhancement

S3 and S2 maxed is recommended to maximize the effect chance and decrease Cooldown for S3. S1 is not needed.

Contents Used


Guild Wars


Artifact Used

Tagehel's Ancient Book

Angel of Light Angelica's artifacts are very flexible. We can choose to go with Proof of Valor or something that helps her survive. Or in this case, we chose something for utility of the team. Tagehel's Ancient Book helps give some extra Souls to the team.

This concludes our Hero Build. If you want to see other heroes we built, please click here

Sez Gaming make Epic Seven EZ. Until next time!