Epic Seven: Angelic Montmorancy Build

Updated: Jun 9


Why Angelic Montmorancy?

  • Montmorancy is in Connection shop or can be easily summoned as a 3 star

  • Specialty Change quest is easy to do, very beginner friendly

  • After awakening, can cleanse almost every turn

  • Naturally very high Effect Resistance

  • Counter against Control compositions in PVP

  • S3 heals a large amount and provides Immunity

  • Can be used in many different PVE contents like Abyss, Labyrinth and more.

How Sez Built the Hero

Angelic Montmorancy or Amomo, is an amazing healer that is given to us in the beginning. She should be one of the first Specialty Change to do since her utility is amazing.

Amomo will need time to ramp up since players will need to grind a lot of Ice Runes, which could be difficult for players who just started. However once fully invested, Angelic Montmorancy will take care of E7 players till the end of time.

We built our Angelic Montmorancy with high Health and Defense to serve as a PVE tank.

We also try for as high of Effect Resistance as possible in order to counter control teams in PVP. Control teams rely on landing debuffs, so by having high Effect Resistance, opponent has lower chance or sometimes no chance of landing a debuff on her. This is also incredibly useful against PVE bosses that wants to land debuff. We want to note that there are a lot of PVE bosses that relies on landing debuffs. If she resists these debuffs, and cleanse the whole team from the debuffs, a lot of fights become a lot easier.

Angelic Montmorancy can be used as a Wyvern Hunt Tank, but this particular setup is not for Wyvern.

See Wyvern Hunt guide here

Stat Priorities

1. Effect Resistance (at least 100% to unlock passive)

2. Health

3. Defense

4. Speed

Players need to make sure they maintain a decent amount of health and defense. If players cannot reach 100% effect resistance without sacrificing a lot of Health and Defense, We recommend just focusing on Health and Defense first and come back to fix the gear later.

Sez's Tip: Angelic Montmorancy's Self imprint gives a lot of Effect Resistance, so dont forget to unlock it!

Skill Enhancement

While nothing absolutely needs to be enhanced, but we recommend Maxing S2 and S3 for most heal. She doesnt require any MolaGora to skill up anyway.

Contents Used

World Arena



Artifact Used

Rod of Amaryllis

Because Angelic Montmorancy has a S2 that can be used almost every turn, It pairs really well with Rod of Amarylllis to maximize heal potential.

Angelic Montmorancy is very flexible when it comes to Artifacts. Feel free to use other Soul Weaver Artifacts like Magahara's Tome, Wondrous Potion, etc.

This concludes this Hero Build. If you want to see other heroes we built, please click here

Sez Gaming makes Epic Seven EZ. Until next time!