Epic Seven: Best Pet Skills

Updated: May 27

Here we are going to share what are the best pet skills.


Hunts Pet is the most important we recommend all players to prioritize if possible.

% Chance to Receive 1 additional Lesser Charm

% Chance to receive 1 additional piece of Equipment

% Chance to receive double Crafting Materials

Adventure and Event

% Chance to receive double AP

% Chance to receive an additional Random Rare Catalyst

% Event Currency Earned (Side Story)

Spirit Altar

% Chance to receive 2 Greater Runes (Spirit Altar 4 and above)

% Chance to receive 1 additional Epic Rune (Spirit Altar 7 and above)

% Chance to receive 3 additional Common Runes


Lobby pets are very debatable, but all these skills are technically viable:

Enhancing Gear

+% Equipment Enhance EXP

+% Equipment Enhance Great Success chance

+% Equipment Enhance Good Success chance

-% Equipment Enhance cost

Selling Gear

+% Gold earned from selling Equipment

Hero Enhancing

+% Hero Level Up EXP

Hope this helps you all with your Pokémon Adventure, I mean E7 pets.

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