Epic Seven: Blooming Snag Lich Team

Updated: May 15

This is to showcase our Epic Seven Teams to give readers some idea on the type of team and equipment needed to complete Epic Seven Expedition: Blooming Snag Lich Level 3.

If players are in need of general strategy and tips, please see our Expedition Guide here.

Sez Gaming's Team


Adventurer Ras has Defense Break and he can dispel buffs with S1.

Damage Dealer

This can be replaced by other Heroes that has AOE damage attack. We just happen to have Kayron built up and he is not a bad choice as he can do lots of damage with his S1.


Tamarinne's Attack Buff and her S1 being able to trigger Dual Attack makes her the most offensive Healer to get maximum points.

Defense Breaker

Tenebria and Baal and Sezan are probably the best heroes for this. The Defense Break and Decrease Speed Cooldown are incredibly useful.

Tenebria needs at least 85% Effectiveness to consistently land Debuffs.

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Epic Seven Made Easy by Sez Gaming! Until next time!