Epic Seven: Brutal Pherus Team

Updated: May 15

This is to showcase our Epic Seven Teams to give readers some idea on the type of team and equipment needed to complete Epic Seven Expedition: Brutal Pherus Level 3.

If players are in need of general strategy and tips, please see our Expedition Guide here.

Sez Gaming's Team


Rose has a lot of CR Push and Damage mitigation that helps against Brutal Pherus. She also applies Defense buff to herself to help her tank Brutal Pherus.

Damage Dealer

Commander Lorina needs to be built with slightly more Health and Defense because she is not a Ice Hero. However, her S1 guarantees her take another turn immediate during Brutal Pherus's "Offensive Posture". This means that as long as Lorina is able to take a turn during "Offensive Posture" phase, players will not have any trouble with fulfilling the 6 attack requirement and can easily dispel the Offensive Posture. There are a few heroes that can do this too, just look for heroes that gain Combat Readiness on their S1.


Tamarinne has CR Push that can help cycle the skills for the team. She also has great heals, and Attack Buff make her the most offensive Healer to get maximum points.

Defense Breaker

Taranor Guard has consistent Defense Break and can occasionally help with Teamwide CR Push with his Dual Attacks. He is also very easy build at only 5 Star and just need enough health to survive and high enough effectiveness to land Defense Breaks.

Taranor Guard needs at least 85% Effectiveness to consistently land Defense Breaks.

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Epic Seven Made Easy by Sez Gaming! Until next time!