Epic Seven: Chloe Build

Updated: Dec 11, 2021


Why Chloe?

  • Magic Nail is Irresistible and deals % damage

  • Boss Slayer

  • With Exclusive Equipment, she has a 2 Turn Defense Break on S3

  • Useful in Wyvern Hunt (See our Wyvern 13 Hunt guide here)

How Sez Built the Hero

Chloe is very one dimensional. Currently her best bread and butter is Magic Nail, which is essentially another Day Dream Joker. This is very useful against many bosses who are not immune to debuffs.

We use her in Wyvern 13 and Wyvern 13 only because her S2 Magic Nail cannot be resisted and she has a Defense Break from Exclusive Equipment. We wanted at least 65% effectiveness mainly for Defense Break.

We also want to keep Crit Chance at least 85% and this is equivalent to 100% because of elemental advantage which gives us +15 % Crit Chance.

The tricky part for Wyvern is that we need Chloe to use her Magic Nail on first or second turn of Wyvern Round to maximize damage.

For more information on Wyvern Hunt, see our Wyvern 13 Hunt guide here

Stat Priorities

1. Critical Hit Chance (at least 85%)

2. Critical Hit Damage

3. Attack

4. Effectiveness (65% for Wyvern 13, 55% for Wyvern 11)

5. Speed

Skill Enhancement

Since we use her solely for Wyvern Hunt, we do not plan on investing too many resources. We only +3 ed her S3 to get CD reduction.

Exclusive Equipment

As mentioned, we use the Exclusive Equipment that enhance Hyper Strike and apply Defense Break. This is 85% chance of landing (due to 15% innate effect resist from Wyvern).

Contents Used

Wyvern Hunt

Artifact Used

Daydream Joker

Best Artifact for maximum damage on Wyvern.

Some people use Junkyard Dog for maximum debuff, which helps but we rather rely on other team members and maximize her damage.

This concludes this Hero Build. If you want to see other heroes we built, please click here

Sez Gaming make Epic Seven EZ. Until next time!