Epic Seven: Connection Heroes

Updated: Nov 20, 2021

Epic Seven tries to help out Beginners and Free by providing some very useful Connection Heroes.

Connection Heroes are heroes that players can obtain by finishing their quests/requirements. In this post, we will go over some useful Heroes.

Here is a list of Connection Heroes that are useful:




Free Spirit Tieria





For Moonlight's Blessings please click here

Montmorancy (Healer, Cleanser, Buffer, Best healer ever <3)

Useful Contents: Abyss, Labyrinth, Wyvern Hunt

Montmorancy or Momo, really doesn't need an explanation on why she is good. I would say just get her!

Okay okay not convinced? She is the ultimate debuff cleanser + Immunity buff user. In E7, a lot of boss mechanics are applying debuff on our teams. If you have Montmorancy, she will be able to protect your team from all those negative debuffs and help make many content easier. She is used everywhere and she is one of the best healer in late game too. The only downside is that her true power can only be unlocked after her speciality change and also after investing some Ice Runes in awakening after her specialty change. However after the investment, you will find Momo basically irreplaceable.


  • Low cooldown cleanses and immunity buff

  • Teamwide immunity buff when soul burned

  • Increases Effect Resistance of the team and herself (bosses cannot land debuffs on her as easily because of this)

  • Connection quest is honestly very easy

  • One of the best late game healers

  • Just get her and build her :)


  • Needs to farm ice runes and specialty changed to unlock the true power, but this game requires you to farm to get the best characters anyway.

Free Spirit Tieria (Farmer)

Useful Contents: Farmer, Banshee Hunt One Shot Team

Free Spirit Tieria's main draw is that she allows players to get a free set of Speed + Crit set gears when she is unlocked. Once she is unlocked she will unlock a set of adventure's path that gives you various items and enhancement materials. On top of that, Free Spirit Tieria is a decent Farmer and can be useful for many newer players that did not pull a farmer.

Because she is a light unit, she can farm any stage.


  • Unlocks a new Adventure's Path that gives you various gears and enhancement materials

  • Light element farmer that can farm any stage as long as the gear is good enough

  • Comes with full +15 so no MolaGora needed


No comment on weakness for now.

Lorina (Damage Dealer, TONS OF DAMAGE)

Useful Contents: Abyss, Labyrinth

One of the highest damage dealer in the game after her Specialty Change. She is absolutely incredible and many end game players still use her for many PVE contents. Her specialty change quest takes a very long time, so would recommend leveling her up to 50 as soon as possible if you do decide to use her.


  • DAMAGE DAMAGE DAMAGE, one of the TOP single target damage

  • Great for Labyrinth Morale


  • Specialty Change takes a long time

  • She does not come with any buffs or debuffs so you will need to rely on other team members to do the set ups for her.

Alexa (Damage Dealer, Boss Slayer!)

Useful Contents: Wyvern Hunt, Abyss

The Wyvern Slayer or Boss Slayer. She is a juggernaut at killing Bosses that does not have immunity to Poison. When she is equipped with DayDream Joker, Her S1 will proc twice and with second skill applying Poison damage, the boss will die in no time.

The only thing I hesitate to recommend her is that you may summon her before you even complete the Connection. So I would delay her Connection until you really need some help with Wyvern Hunt and or Abyss floor that is challenging.


  • % health damage like Poison and procs Day Dream Joker at a really nice rate

  • Incredible for Wyvern Hunt and certain Abyss Bosses


  • She will not be as useful if the boss has immunity to debuffs

Yuna (Buffer, Damage Dealer, Combat Readiness Pusher)

Useful Content: Wyvern Hunt, Azimanak Hunt, Banshee Hunt

She recently got a buff and is now useful for many PVE contents. Her Connection quest will take some time to complete, but I personally think it is worth doing. The only time it is not worth doing is if you already have a large pool of 5 star units. All Her attacks does AOE damage, and her Attack + speed buff makes her useful in many different hunts.


  • Attack and Speed Buff

  • Combat Readiness Push (makes team go faster)

  • AOE attack, which is great for Banshee and Azimanak Hunt Auto


The only weakness is that there are other heroes that are better at doing her job, but other than that she is just that extra boost for newer players until you start summoning the best heroes.

Furious (Damage Dealer, Debuffer)

Useful Content: Wyvern Hunt

Another Wyvern slayer has been added to the Connection Heroes. Furious is amazing at applying Defense break because of the short cool down on his skills. He can also give Crit chance buff to your whole team which could help characters like Alexa incase you dont have the gear to get her to 100% crit chance yet. He Also applies "Burn" debuff, which means with Alexa + Furious, you can apply 3 very offensive debuffs. This is significant because with 3 debuffs Wyverns deal less damage.


  • Defense break on short cool down

  • Burn debuff

  • Crit Chance Buff

  • Song of Stars user which helps him apply 2 debuffs on Wyvern easily


  • Requires MolaGora for skill up

  • Limited use outside of Wyvern Hunt

Angelica (Healer, Tank)

Useful Content: Wyvern Hunt, Abyss, Labyrinth

Angelica is very similar to Montmorancy, but with one key difference. She easier to build as a Wyvern Tank because she naturally has more stats being a natural 4 star hero. Another advantage is that she has 2 really strong heals compare to just 1 from Montmorancy.

However compare to Montmorancy, Angelica doesn't do well in late game because

  1. Montmorancy has Specialty Change that allows her to gain a lot of Effect Resistance high effect resistance allow Montmorancy to easily deal with many PVE contents because Bosses wouldn't be able to land debuffs on her and she can keep cleansing her teammates.

  2. Montmorancy is much faster and can cycle her skills easier

  3. Angelica doesn't have a cleanse, she only has immunity and maybe Wondrous Potion Vial

  4. Montmorancy does not need MolaGora to Skill Enhance being a 3 Star hero (a lot of resources saved)

If players had to pick one to invest in, we suggest Angelic Montmorancy.


  • Teamwide Immunity Buff

  • Amazing Heal with S2 and S3

  • Naturally Tanky

  • Heals are on pretty short Cooldowns


  • Gets out scaled by Angelic Montmorancy in late game

Kanna (Damage Dealer)

Useful Content: Earth Expedition, Azimanak Hunt

Currently Kanna is mainly used for Earth Expedition. If players find themselves having lots of trouble with Earth Expedition, she is one option to replace as main damage dealer.

She can do well in Labyrinth and Azimanak with her Dispell Buff on her S3 and Speed Buff.


  • Doesn't need too much effectiveness because of her S2 passive

  • Multi-Target attacks useful in certain contents

  • Speed Buff for team is useful


While she can be used outside of her Useful Contents, there are better options.

This concludes our Connection Heroes Guide,

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