Epic Seven: Crafting Event Guide

Updated: Dec 17, 2021

In this guide we go over the Crafting Events. We will cover what to consider when deciding what to craft, and what to keep.


Tips are only for Early and Mid Game players.

  • Craft Speed or Immunity Sets, only craft immunity if you can do Wyvern 13 regularly

  • Craft Boots, Rings, Necklace

  • Craft Gears with Offensive Main and Sub Stats: Attack%, Crit Hit Damage, Speed and Crit Hit Chance

Early Game (Before Wyvern 13)


Equipment: Boots

Sets: Speed

Main Stat: Speed

Sub Stats: Attack %, Crit Chance, Crit Hit Damage, Health% or Effectiveness


1. Players do not have access to great Free Speed Boots in early game

In Early Game, players are still focusing on various PVE contents. With that in mind, it is important to get great right side gear so that players can get the general stats up. The Game provides various decent Rings and Amulet from free gear chests and Arena Gear. However players only get great Attack % boots, but do not get a great Speed Main stat boot. While Attack % boots are great, Speed boots usually outweighs the value of the extra Damage that Attack % boots gives.

As an example to show how important 40 speed is: At 120 speed the hero will take around 2 turns before barrier phase of Wyvern 13. If we slap a Speed boots on to get our speed up to 160 speed, it allows the hero to take 3 turns before barrier phase. One extra turn is means more damage.

Check out our Wyvern 13 Guide if you have some questions.

2. Speed Boots is late game proof

In later game, almost every hero uses Speed Main Stat Boots. This is because most heroes want to take a turn without having to rely on Combat Readiness Push. In later game, every player can easily get their hero to 200 speed. If we are still running around with 120 speed heroes, we will jsut watch the enemy take 3 turns before we get to take one turn (exaggeration but you get what I mean).

Speed set boot also guarantees it will always be used whether it is for PVP or PVE no matter what stage of the game you are in.

3. Damage Dealers need great gear, Healers don't need as good of a gear

As players progress, they will notice that healers really don't need as good of a gear as Damage Dealers until later game when we are optimizing. Healers really just needs to survive. In the early game, we will struggle with dealing enough damage more than healers surviving.

This is why our top recommendations are all offensive Main Stat and Sub stat.

Other great choices

Lets say you already been crafting a bunch of Speed main stat boots, we recommend going with Ring or Necklace. Ring, Necklace and Boots are significantly harder to get great stats on because they have the most amount of combination of stats.

Equipment: Ring

Sets: Speed

Main Stat: Attack %

Sub Stat: Health%, Crit Chance, Crit Hit Damage, Speed

Equipment: Necklace

Sets: Speed

Main Stat: Crit Hit Damage

Sub Stat: Crit Hit Chance, Attack%, Speed

Mid Game (After Wyvern 13)

Once players have unlocked Wyvern 13 and can do it regularly. Players can choose if they want to keep focusing on Speed set or start collecting great Immunity Sets for PVP.

So the Same ideas still applies as previous section but change Speed Set to Immunity or Penetration Sets.

This concludes our Epic Seven Craft Events Guide.

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