Epic Seven: Destructive Gigangtes Team

Updated: May 15

This is to showcase our Epic Seven Teams to hopefully give readers some idea of the type of Equipment and Team needed to complete Epic Seven Expedition: Destructive Gigangtes Level 3.

If players are in need of general strategy and tips, please see our Expedition Guide here.

Sez Gaming's Team


We have Falconer Kluri built for PVP so might as well. She does her job, the consistent healing is quite useful to negate the damage from Gigantes.

Damage Dealer

Landy has CR push allows the team to refresh skills faster. Feel free to replace her with some other hero. Her Cooldown for S3 resets when she has 100 Fighting Spirit which negates the Cooldown increase from Tank minion.


Tamarinne and Iseria is strikes again and does very well against Destructive Gigantes. Tamarinne has CR Push that can help cycle the skills for the team. Our Tamarinne is built with 100+ Effect Resistance which prevents her from getting skill cooldown increase by the tank minion. This guarantees a safer run in general.

Defense Breaker

Iseria helps with Cool down reduction and she strips buffs and provides defense break. This helps with outputting damage.

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Epic Seven Made Easy by Sez Gaming! Until next time!