Epic Seven: Faithless Lidica Build

Updated: Jun 9


Why Faithless Lidica?

  • Fast Base Speed

  • Great S2 Strip Buff and Combat Readiness Push

  • S3 Resets Cooldown and Provides skill nullifier when Crit

  • Combos very well with Challenger Dominiel in a Cleave team

  • Can be used in Control Teams

How Sez Built the Hero

Speed is key here. Faithless Lidica needs to be one of the first one to take a turn and setup the rest of the team for success.

We also had to build her 100% Crit Chance because we do not pair her with Challenger Dominiel all the time and she has to Crit with S3 to provide Skill Nullifier.

Effectiveness also should be as high as possible to make sure all her debuffs and cooldown resets lands.

Stat Priorities


Crit Chance (not as important if you are pairing with Challenger Dominiel)

Health, Defense

Skill Enhancement

S2 Larkspur must be +4 to increase effect chance.

If players use her solely on Cleave, S3 Hysteria may not need to be enhanced.

However we always recommend taking the CD reduction whenever possible, and we use Faithless Lidica with Control teams sometimes.

Contents Used

World Arena

Guild Wars


Artifact Used

Song of Stars or Sashe Ithanes

Sashes ithanes is probably one of the most commonly used on Faithless Lidica. Since you are cleaving, you will most likely be killing something.

We are currently using Song of Stars to help increase initial damage. It is because we are targetting quite a few very tanky units.

This concludes our Hero Build. If you want to see other heroes we built, please click here

Sez Gaming make Epic Seven EZ. Until next time!