Epic Seven: Fallen Cecilia Build

Updated: Jun 9


Why Fallen Cecilia (FCC)?

  • Whole Team Barrier at the Start

  • Counter Cleave

  • Barrier for lowest health every turn

  • Hits pretty hard with bruiser build

  • High Percent Chance Provoke on S1

  • Teamwide Skill Nullifier with S3

How Sez Built the Hero

Our Fallen Cecilia (FCC) is very typical beefy ones. She focuses on Health, Defense and Speed. We want her to move faster so that she can keep providing Barrier to the team.

It also helps that some battle we would want her skill nullifier to mitigate enemy's combo.

We also decided to have some effectiveness so that she can provoke more consistently. Effectiveness is good to have but not necessary.

She can disrupt Cleave teams if FCC has really high Health. She can still be used against Bruiser because her Provoke on S1 and her damage mitigation is always good.

Stat Priorities

  1. Health

  2. Defense, Speed

  3. Critical Hit Chance, Effectiveness

Skill Enhancement

We recommend skilling up S3 for Cooldown Reduction. Everything else depends on how much you use her.

Contents Used

World Arena


Guild Wars

Artifact Used


Any Knight Artifact that provides damage mitigation will work for FCC. We like Aurius on her the most because she can utilize the initial teamwide barrier that to soak up more initial damage.

Also increase Defense of the team is just good.

This concludes our Hero Build. If you want to see other heroes we built, please click here

Sez Gaming make Epic Seven EZ. Until next time!