Epic Seven: Furious Build

Updated: May 30


Why Furious?

  • Useful for Wyvern Hunt

  • Applies teamwide Critical Hit Chance Buff (Gives 50% Crit Hit Chance to whole team)

  • High Effect Chance to land Defense Break with S3

  • Has access to Song of Stars (High Chance of applying Target Debuff)

How Sez Built the Hero

This Furious was actually used on one of our Alt Accounts' first Wyvern 13 team. Players can probably tell the gear is not very good. However he does the job and that is Wyvern Hunting. If players have Song of Stars artifact, Furious instantly becomes top tier Debuffer for any Wyvern Team.

This Furious is level 50 and is not meant to do too much damage. The main focus is that he needs to be faster than the whole team, to apply Crit Hit Chance. He also needs 65% Effectiveness to apply Defense Break.

Lastly, Furious should have enough health to survive a few hit from minions.

One more tip is that we also find Furious very useful to help setup Arena or Guild War offense with his S2 and S3 combo at least in Early game.

Stat Priorities

  1. Effectiveness 65%, Speed (Enough to go first on the team)

  2. Health, Defense (Don't die in one hit)

Skill Enhancement

Furious is purely built for Wyvern Hunt and maybe early game Arena Teams. S2 needs to be +1 for Cooldown Reduction and S3 needs +6 for 100% Decrease Defense Effect Chance. S1 can be enhanced for max Burn Chance, but may not be necessary if players have Song of Stars Artifact.

Contents Used

Wyvern Hunt (Guide Here)

Early Game Arena

Artifact Used

Song of Stars

Song of Stars is the absolute best Artifact on Furious for Wyvern Hunt. Song of Stars give Furious access to Target Debuff with a 75% chance (at +15) and higher chance if players have a higher limit broken artifact.

Without Song of Stars, Daydream Joker to help with some damage can work.

This concludes our Hero Build. If you want to see other heroes we built, please click here

Sez Gaming make Epic Seven EZ. Until next time!