Hall of Trials: Current Week (9/6/21-9/12/21)

In this guide, we go over how we approach the Hall of Trials every two weeks. We will try to update by Tuesday every two weeks.

Keys to Defeat Zeno

  • Apply as many debuffs as possible

  • Use as little non-Attack Skill as possible and avoid using Fire Heroes

  • Clear Minions as fast as possible because they apply annoying debuffs

Sez's Team

Landy Blaze Dingo Seaside Bellona Iseria

Team Breakdown


Strong Damage dealer with Ranger buff this week. She also does very well clearing Minions.

Blaze Dingo

Can be swapped to any Soul Weaver. Blaze Dingo is good because he can heal and cleanse with his attacks and will not give extra evasion to Zeno.

Seaside Bellona

SSB is great at applying as many debuffs as possible, including "Unable to Buff" debuff that is the bonus debuff this week. She is also amazing at clearing the minions.


Iseria is by far the most reliable buff strip and her Unable to Buff + Defense Break gives great extra bonus. When Zeno has at least 2 debuffs applied, he will not gain combat Readiness, when attacked. Iseria's S3 will guarantee that at least for one round.


Final Score

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Epic Seven made easy by Sez Gaming. Until next time!