Hall of Trials: Current Week (3/7/22-3/13/22)

In this guide, we go over how we approach the Hall of Trials every two weeks. We will try to update by Tuesday every two weeks.

Keys to Defeat Kayron

  • Keep health above 50% as much as possible

  • Clear Minions as fast as possible because they come with various annoying Debuffs

  • Do not apply more than 3 debuffs on Kayron

  • Bring heroes that can dispel buffs

Sez's Team

Arbiter Vildred Blaze Dingo Seaside Bellona Kayron

Team Breakdown

Arbiter Vildred

Just a great Wave Clear and damage dealer. I have him on good gear. Can be swapped with any damage dealer you prefer.

Blaze Dingo

In my opinion one of the best Soul Weaver because Blaze Dingo can heal with his attack and does decent damage.

Seaside Bellona

Another great damage dealer, just have to be careful because she applies a lot of buffs. My Seaside Bellona doesn't have a lot of Effectiveness so I do not have the worry. She also has Ranger Buff this week.


Can be swapped with any hero that applies Decrease Hit Chance debuff


Final Score

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Epic Seven made easy by Sez Gaming. Until next time!