Epic Seven Hell Raid: Devourer Arahakan

Updated: Dec 27, 2021

Devourer Arahakan is probably the easiest Raid Boss. Hell Raid and Normal Raid Mechanics are similar. The only key difference is that the minions in Hell Raid does a lot more.

Keys to Defeating Devourer Arahakan

  • Kill minions. The faster players can kill minions, the easier the fight becomes

  • Cleanse Defense Break, these are applied by the minions' normal attack

  • Put Buffs and focus on killing minions when Corrupted Web is available because Arahakan doesn't take as much damage when Corrupted Web is available.

  • Put Defense Break on Devourer Arahakan and try to deal more damage to Devourer Arahakan when Corrupted Web is on CD

  • Minion's CD skill heals the minions or the Boss (whoever has lower % health)

Recommended Team Compositions

Must Haves

AOE Damage Dealer (AOE means the hero has skills that can hit multiple target)



Good to Have

Defense Breaker

Single Target Damage Dealer (if you can kill Minions fast)

Example Teams

Arbiter Vildred : AOE Damage Dealer

Vildred: AOE Damage Dealer

Falconer Kluri: Defense Breaker

Angelic Montmorancy: Cleanser and Healer

All these roles are very flexible as long as your gears are ready for the boss. So try to use Heroes that you already use or are planning on using in other contents.

This concludes our Epic Seven Hell Raid Devourer Arahakan Guide.

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Epic Seven made easy by Sez Gaming, Until next time!