Epic Seven Hell Raid: Secretary Vera Guide

Updated: Dec 27, 2021

Keys to Defeating Secretary Vera

Phase 1 (100% to 50%)

  • Bring AOE Damage and Kill the eggs as fast as possible

  • Cleanse Stun and Debuffs (Immunity buff helps too)

  • Do not use single attack on Secretary Vera until all the eggs are gone

  • Use Defense Break to speed up the fight.

Phase 2 (Cocoon)

  • Healers and non-Damage dealer should not be attacking the Cocoon

  • Damage Dealers should ignore minions and focus on the Cocoon

  • Continue to cleanse Debuffs

  • Make sure you kill Cocoon before it hatches so that Secretary Vera is significantly weaker in Phase 3

Phase 3

  • Kill the eggs first or the minions spawned by the eggs.

  • Kill Secretary Vera as soon as possible so that it doesn't get too strong

  • Arky away!

  • Continue to cleanse all the debuffs

  • Ignore the beetles unless they are almost dead from all the splash damages.

Recommended Team Compositions

Must Haves

AOE Damage Dealer


Cleanser (Multiple is preferred)

Good to Have

Immunity Buff

Attack Buff

Defense Break

Example Teams

Arbiter Vildred : AOE Damage Dealer

Angelic Montmorancy: Cleanser, Healer and Immunity Buff

Achates: Cleanser, Healer

Kanna: AOE Damage Dealer, Buff Dispel

If players find themselves having trouble dealing enough damage, replacing a healer with Defense Breaker is worth a try.

NOTE: Example Teams do not care about Morale optimization.

This concludes our Epic Seven Hell Raid Secretary Vera Guide.

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