Epic Seven: Hopeless Symaqus Team

This is to showcase our Epic Seven Teams to give readers some idea on the type of team and equipment needed to complete Epic Seven Expedition: Hopeless Symaqus Level 3.

If players are in need of general strategy and tips, please see our Expedition Guide here.

Sez Gaming's Team


Falconer Kluri heals and Defense Breaks.

Damage Dealer

Landy can be replaced with any Damage Dealer (preferably Earth element).


Roana is the safest Healer for this expedition because her passive works against Hopeless

Combat Readiness Push

Aux Lots is great for this since his S2 gives 100% Combat Readiness. Speed does not need to be this high, we just happen to use him in PVP.

Health and Defense Preferably just a little higher to survive all the damage.

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Epic Seven Made Easy by Sez Gaming! Until next time!