Epic Seven: Kayron Build

Updated: Jun 8


Why Kayron?

  • Strong Single Target Damage in S3 and refreshes immediately if Kayron triggered Passive

  • Immortality Buff Passive and can be extended using S3 to kill someone

  • High AOE damage on S1

  • Great Farmer with Immunity Set

  • Multiple builds that can work, unpredictable in PVP

How Sez Built the Hero

Just like his character design and story, Kayron is always that mysterious character that keeps the opponent guessing until it is too late.

He has a lot of build that can work on him, but the most important thing is to have immunity set on him. Immunity Set will help unlock all Kayron's abilities by protecting him from Debuffs and also allows him to use S1 as AOE on turn 1 if needed.

If players do not have immunity set, you better pair him with some buff and cleansers because Kayron's biggest weakness is getting stunned or slept and just dies after he wakes up. .

Our build is one of the most basic build of Kayron. Slow with high damage. This build can counter most of the Cleave teams in E7 PVP. What will make it even better is switching onto Counter Set. Once we get better counter set gear, we will most likely switch onto that build.

He does very well against Cleave teams, but have to be wary of heroes like Faithless Lidica or Cerise. They are heroes that can strip buffs, stun or provide Skill Nullifiers.

Another great build is to build him slightly faster to squeeze in one extra S3 before he procs Immortality and use S3 again. Kayron has one of the fastest base speed, so it is not too difficult to make him fast while maintaining decent damage.

Stat Priorities

1. Critical Hit Chance

2. Critical Hit Damage, Attack

3. Speed

4. Effectiveness (optional)

Skill Enhancement

S1 and S3 should be maxed for maximum damage. Never Mola S2 passive, because the Cool down reduction from 9 turns to 7 turns is still too long for most situations.

Exclusive Equipment

All Three Exclusive Equipment work depending on how players decide to build Kayron.

Void Slash Damage increase pairs well with Dust Devil Kayron that could potentially 1 v 4.

Apocalypse increase damage helps with his single target nuke, and helps secure the buff extension.

Apocalypse Silence is mostly used with Fast Kayron that wants to disrupt Cleave teams' combos.

Contents Used

Guild Wars


World Arena


Artifact Used

Elyha's Knife

Elyha's Knife deals the most damage if players are able to damage the enemy by a little bit before Kayron moves. This pairs well with a slow Kayron like ours.

There are many other artifacts that can work with Kayron. Dust Devil, Shepherd of the Hollow, Alexa's Basket, Portrait of Savior, Moonlight Dreamblade, etc.

Basically Kayron is so flexible that he can use any offensive Thief Artifacts.

This concludes our Hero Build. If you want to see other heroes we built, please click here

Sez Gaming make Epic Seven EZ. Until next time!