Epic Seven Light Expedition: Pain Pursuer Moroi Guide

Updated: Nov 20, 2021

Key Mechanism

  • Isolation: Heroes can only heal and gain buffs at their own turns

  • Seal: Heroes' Passives do not work in this fight

  • Vampirism: Heroes will heal a percentage of the damage dealt

  • Pain Pursuere Moroi always attacks front row first, and if the target does not have Buffs, it will gain an extra attack

  • Pain Pursuer Moroi gains Defense Buff each turn after first Attack.

  • Pain Pursuer Moroi will gain a Barrier at one point and if players do not break it, Dimension Loop's Damage will greatly increase

General Team Compositions

Typical Light Expedition team should consist of the following characteristics:

1 Knight that can apply buffs to themselves

1 Defense Breaker increase damage to help break the barriers Effectiveness needs to be at least 85%

1 Buff Strip to remove Defense Buff Effectiveness needs to be at least 85%

as many Damage Dealer as we can fit preferably Heroes that can self buff

Sez's Tip: Unbuffable debuff also helps great as it stops Pain Pursuer Moroi from gaining Defense Buff

Sez Gaming's Team

Adventurer Ras: Buff Strip, Self Buff Knight for frontline

Cerise: Buff Strip, Defense Break (with Ms.Confile), Unbuffable Debuff

Celine: Self Attack Buff, Strong Damage Dealer

Top Model Luluca: Self-Attack Buff, Strong Damage Dealer



Roana is the safest Healer for this expedition because her passive works against Hopeless

Video: Team in Action

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