Epic Seven: Must Buy Gears (Conquest Shop Edition)

Updated: Nov 20, 2021

Since there is access to all season's Arena Gears, we would like to go over what gears we absolutely need to buy. This is determined by the starting stats. You will find that all the gears that we suggest have the perfect or near perfect starting stats for specific role.

Below is the perfect starting stat for a few common roles:

Damage Dealers: Attack, Crit Chance, Crit Damage, Speed

Healer/Tank: Health, Defense, Speed, Effect Resist

Lets dive into it!


Current Arena Season

Must Buy for Damage Dealers

Must Buy for Healer/Tank

Final Note

Current Arena Season

New gears for Epic Seven Arena Conviction Season are Penetration Set!

This is a great group of equipment and we recommend buying all pieces as they all seem like they can be used somewhere. However the real cannot miss ones are the following:

The Ring and the Necklace are both pretty good too.

For Damage Dealers

Prioritize first

Must buy Eventually

For Tanks and Healers

It all depends on what sets and what pieces you are needing but these are what we think are must buys because the starting stats are basically perfect

One special note is this speed necklace below.

Although it does not have Defense Substat, the 65% Health at +15 can prove very useful. Plus it has a Speed Substat and makes it a great item for your Healer at the very least in the beginning.

We think all Victory Season Equipment (speed sets) is all worth buying because Speed Sets are so versatile.

Final Note

Know that misfortunes are inevitable especially when we are basically gambling. Luck works in funny ways sometimes.

Don't be too discouraged if your gears don't turn out well. Epic Seven is a grind, not a short trip. Here is an example of a Tragedy that happened to me. Hopefully this helps players mentally prepare for some misfortunes that are inevitable.

This concludes our Must Buy Gear from Conquest Point Shop

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Sez Gaming made E7 so easy~ Until Next time!