Epic Seven: Politis Build

Updated: Nov 20, 2021


Why Politis?

  • Popular counter to many heroes that rely on non-attack skills

  • Great Defense Team hero to counter Cleave teams

  • S2 decreases the effect of Combat Readiness increase

  • S3 applies Hit and Unbuffable debuffs

How Sez Built the Hero

Politis is Epic Seven's ultimate Cleave team counter. She single handedly forced Cleave to die or they need to adapt. She also helps against Falconer Kluri or Top Model Luluca where she makes people think twice before they use the non-attack skills.

She can be built Damage, or just simple tanky.

This build is the tanky side as we do not have good enough gear to pull off the damage build.

In this build, the purpose of her is to survive so we focused on Health and Defense, she also needs some speed around 190 to 230 speed range to cut in front of enemy heroes whenever they decide to use non-attack skills.

This build also requires significantly less MolaGora investment.

Stat Priorities

  1. Health, Defense

  2. Speed (enough to cut in front of other team)

  3. Effectiveness

Skill Enhancement

S3 to +4 for Cool Down reduction and 100% Effect Chance is a must. Everything else depends on how much damage you want her to put out.

Contents Used


Guild Wars

World Arena (RTA)

Artifact Used

Abyssal Crown and Iela Violin are both great options for Politis. Iela is more consistent and has a higher chance of procing. Abyssal Crown could get you a few defense wins if enemy is not expecting it and didn't have immunity on all their heroes.

This concludes our Hero Build. If you want to see other heroes we built, please click here

Sez Gaming make Epic Seven EZ. Until next time!