Epic Seven: Roana Build

Updated: Jun 9


Why Roana?

  • Unique Passive Counters Heroes and Bosses that do extra attacks or counter attacks

  • Easy to gear to be useable

  • Does not need a lot of MolaGora to be useable

How Sez Built the Hero

Roana is a great hero as a pocket pick. She doesn't need any godlike gear to perform. We typically throw any leftover Healer gear on her and she will typically do just fine. The best thing is that she doesn't need a lot of MolaGora. The main thing for her is to be Tanky, 15k + HP and high enough defense so that she doesnt get targetted down. Just by her standing there is enough of a threat due to her passive.

One big example is Hell Raid Queen, She does a bunch of extra attacks, but all the damage was negated because of Roana's passive. If we are not in a hurry, we can almost Auto the Queen level with Roana as the tank

She is also useful PVP for example against heroes like Seaside Bellona because her passive will keep triggering when Seaside Bellona uses her passive.

Her S1 barrier also pairs well with Tempest Surin to allow Tempest Surin to constantly survive longer and be a pest.

Roana is not a hero that we use everywhere, but with minimal investment, she fulfills a very unique niche as a nice counterpick that will make life a lot easier. She is a very efficient hero.

Stat Priorities

  1. Health and Defense

  2. Speed

  3. Effect Resistance

Skill Enhancement

She really just need S3 Cooldown reduction. S2 and S1 are optional depending and purely depends on how much you want her to heal.

Contents Used

World Arena


Guild Wars

Hell Raid Queen

Hopeless Symaqus

Artifact Used

Soul Weaver Artifacts

Roana can use almost all the Soul Weaver Artifacts and you cannot really go wrong with them.

The ones that we most commonly use are Touch of Rekos, Stella Harpa and Celestine. We think Celestine is almost a must if you decide to run Counter Set with Roana.

This concludes our Hero Build. If you want to see other heroes we built, please click here

Sez Gaming make Epic Seven EZ. Until next time!