Epic Seven: Sigret Build

Updated: Dec 11, 2021


Why Sigret?

  • Lots of Debuffs very good for Wyvern Hunt (see Wyvern Hunt guide here)

  • In later game, can One Shot Wyvern

  • Useful Single Target Nuke in Arena and Guild Wars

  • Extinction on S3, which counters Arbiter Vildred and many other Revivers

  • One of the best Selective Summon Hero (see Selective Summon here)

How Sez Built the Hero

Sigret is an awesome first Selective Summon Hero because she helps a lot in Wyvern 13 Hunt. By having Sigret, Wyvern 13 is easier.

Our Sigret is made just for Wyvern 13, and you can see we do not have the best gear on her. She needs to have at least 65% Effectiveness and 85% Crit Chance. When you have elemental advantage, you gain 15% Crit Chance against the target. So Wyvern being Fire helps lower gear requirement for all Ice units, like Sigret.

We run her with General Purrgis, so technically we can lower the speed by a little bit and focus more on damage. However we noticed that our General Purrgis always dies on the last round and sometimes we need Sigret to take one more turn to finish off the Wyvern.

There is also some concerns with killing first wave too fast, so we have her speed tuned and also limited our damage for our own Wyvern Set up. This is very important for Wyvern Hunt, sometimes the best Sigret for the team is not just all about damage. It is about creating a "TEAM" afterall.

For more information on Wyvern Hunt, see our Wyvern 13 Hunt guide here

Stat Priorities

1. Critical Hit Chance (at least 85%)

2. Effectiveness (65% for Wyvern 13, 55% for Wyvern 11)

3. Critical Hit Damage, Attack

Skill Enhancement

We +15 her because we use her in PVP too. However if players are only using her for Wyvern, we suggest just make sure all the effectiveness are at max. So +4 on S1, +4 on S2 and only +2 on Guillotine so that Sigret focuses on using S1 and S2 for debuff and less Guillotine.

+3 or above on Guillotine is fine too, players will just have to make sure they have enough debuffs on the team.

Exclusive Equipment

All Three Exclusive Equipment work depending on how players decide to build Sigret.

For Wyvern 13 Hunt though, we prefer the increase chance of inflicting bleed.

Contents Used

Guild Wars


Wyvern Hunt

Artifact Used

Daydream Joker

Best Artifact for maximum damage on Wyvern.

Some people use Junkyard Dog for maximum debuff, but we don't think that is necessary.

Portrait of Savior and Hell Cutter and Draco Plate can be used for PVP purpose.

This concludes this Hero Build. If you want to see other heroes we built, please click here

Sez Gaming make Epic Seven EZ. Until next time!