Epic Seven: Specter Tenebria Build

Updated: May 30


Why Specter Tenebria?

  • Cannot be targetted

  • Increase damage as Heroes dies

  • S3 Stuns

  • S1 Poison and cannot be counterattacked and hits HARD

  • Gain extra turn on Soul Burn for S1

How Sez Built the Hero

Specter Tenebria is an amazing hero in both PVP and PVE. She is also one of the heroes that scales very well with gear. She can use every stat and the more stats you give she will perform exponentially better.

While, she is not targetable, she can still die from AOE damage. So It is critical to make sure she has enough Health and Defense to survive AOE damage.

Our Specter Tenebria is built with enough damage to be threatening but also needed some Health and Defense to make sure she doesn't die too easily. Preferably in higher level World Arena, the Health and Defense needs to be increased.

Because Specter Tenebria's passive allows her to gain extra damage when someone dies. Her attack does not need to be crazy high compare to Critical Chance and Critical Damage.

Specter Tenebria requires a team to be built around her to succeed. Some Recommendations are heroes like Fallen Cecilia, Krau and Last Rider Krau, Adventurer Ras, General Purrgis and other beefy heroes that will help reduce damage taken.

Stat Priorities

  1. Attack, Crit Hit Damage, Crit Hit Chance

  2. Health, Defense (tanky enough to survive AOE damage)

  3. Speed

  4. Effectiveness

Skill Enhancement

Max Skill Enhance +15 for maximum damage

Contents Used





Guild Wars

World Arena

Artifact Used

Tagehel's Ancient Book

Tagehel's Ancient Book is great for Specter Tenebria because this will almost guarantee her to have enough souls to Soulburn on her S1 for extra Turn. This gives players extra flexibility to choose to do extra damage on turn 1 or simply stun an enemy.

This concludes our Hero Build. If you want to see other heroes we built, please click here

Sez Gaming make Epic Seven EZ. Until next time!

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