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Updated: Apr 15

Every game has a different verbiage of the same stats. Almost like having copyright issues. This is why we thought a stat explanation page like this could be helpful for readers. This will help you make some decisions on what gear you want to use for each of your heroes.

Let's dive in....


The higher it is the higher your base damage is. Burn effect and Bleed effect both scales off this stat. On the side note (Bleed and Burn have different scaling)


Damage reduction, the higher it is the more damage reduction you have


Health points, if it goes to 0 the hero dies.


When you have a skill that applies debuffs/effect, the higher the effectiveness is, the higher the chance of applying that debuff/effects to the enemy. debuffs/effects are stuff like poison, defense break, sleep, silence, stun… etc. Please read on for how Effectiveness and Effect Resistance interact with each other.

Effect Resistance

The higher the Effect Resistance, the harder it is to get debuffed. As a side note, when you long click the bosses’ icon, there will be a display of their effective resistance and what effects they are immune to.

We will go over how Effectiveness and Effect Resistance interact later in the post.

**Sez's Tip** bosses' Effect Resistance cannot go below 15%.

Click the boss icon to display Effect Resistance

Critical Hit Chance

The % chance of landing a critical hit. The damage will be multiplied by your Crit Damage %

Critical Hit Damage

How much % more damage is dealt during a Critical Hit.


How fast your hero moves. Note: This is different from Combat Readiness!

Dual Attack Chance

Dual attack is an interesting mechanic. When Heros use normal attack (usually Skill 1) there is a chance for one of your other heroes to also use S1 to attack the same opponent. The Dual attack chance is the chance of the hero to perform a dual attack..

Common Questions and Debate

How does Effect Resistance and Effectiveness interact?

Effectiveness is used to reduce the Effect Resistance and has a simple additive relationship. The equation is very simple:

Effect Resistance – Effectiveness = how much Effect Resistance you will need to deal with. We will call this End Resistance

Now lets finish the calculation,

Your skill’s Effect X (1 + Caster's Effectiveness - Target's Effect Resistance) = the %chance of applying the debuff/effect

There is one important thing to note:

Effect Resistance cannot go below 15%.

Speed Versus Combat Readiness

On the left hand side has the turn bar, where it shows you who’s turn it is and the order. This is very important for understanding how Epic 7 utilizes combat readiness and Speed.

Turn Bar is typically on the left side of the screen

At 100% combat readiness, your character takes a turn.

Speed determines how fast the character move through the speed bar and charges the Combat Readiness

Combat Readiness % is the % of the turn bar it has moved already. There are moves that increase or decrease Combat Readiness by a certain percentage which means it will bring you however many percent closer or farther to 100% combat readiness.

As an analogy, Imagine driving down a roadSpeed is your car speed and if you drive 60 miles per hour it is faster than the other car that is driving at 30 miles per hour.

Combat readiness is the Road. Everyone's end of the road is 100% combat readiness. If you have an increase in combat readiness it will be similar to a slippery road that suddenly make you move faster. Or constructions or traffic jam that stops our Combat readiness progression or delay our trip.

Let’s take Tieria’s Dance of Sands skill for example:

The way it works is that whenever Tieria lands an attack, all the other heros on the team will move along the turn bar by 10%. So if you build Tieria lands an attack and you have another hero on the team at 0% combat readiness. It will move down the speed bar to 10% combat readiness.

As you can see, sometimes it may be okay for heros to be a little slower if one of your hero has a skill that can increase combat readiness %. They could make your team significantly faster.

Defense Versus Health

Ideally when building a Tanky unit, you will want both Health and Defense. However if you had to choose on which one to prioritize, usually players put more emphasis on Health.

The benefit of Defense is that the damage mitigation is a percentage and is more valuable than Health.

However, there are many mechanics in the game that negates the Defense Stat. There is a common Debuff called "Defense Break", which decreases the hero's defense by 70%. There are also heroes and artifacts that have Penetrate Defense abilities. All of these abilities diminishes the Defense Stat.

In comparison, Health does not have this same concern. It is always a fixed value.

So in the beginning we almost always emphasize Health over Defense.

Hope this was helpful. Feel free to check out our other guides here

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