Epic Seven: Summertime Iseria Build

Updated: Dec 11, 2021


Why Summertime Iseria?

  • Great CR Push after a teammate uses an AOE Damage Skill

  • Great Bomb Enabler

  • Easy to build because she doesn't need Crit Chance and Crit Hit Damage

How Sez Built the Hero

Before we go on, we need to emphasize that Summertime Iseria NEEDS her Artifact. Unless one day Epic Seven decides to add a bunch of Bombers then this statement may be incorrect. As of 10/31/2021, this is still true.

Summertime Iseria is a great follow up damage dealer and Control after your AOE damage dealer. She pairs very well with heroes that can deal damage and dispel buffs for example heroes like Ran or Cerise, Fairytale Tenebria.

With that in mind, the speed for Summertime Iseria can be around 15% slower than those initiators because her Passive Increases 15% Combat Readiness. Of course yplayers can make her a little faster as long as Summertime Iseria doesn't outspeed the initiators.

Stat wise, we focus on Attack, Speed, Effectiveness, Health and Defense. Summertime Iseria land Critical Hits. So we can ignore Critical Hit Chance and Critical Hit Damage.

Effectiveness is needed to land the bombs and strip buffs.

Stat Priorities

  1. Attack

  2. Effectiveness (requires some testing, different Arena rank needs different amount of Effectiveness)

  3. Speed

  4. Health and Defense

Skill Enhancement

We recommend maxing S2 for the bonus Attack. the rest is up to how players use her.

S1 can be up to +4 for maximum effect chance to strip buff

S3 should be up to +3 for CD -1

Contents Used


Guild Wars

World Arena (RTA)

Artifact Used

Star of the Deep Sea

At the moment, this is by far the best Artifact for Summertime Iseria.

Without it Summertime Iseria might not really be better than many other heroes.

This concludes our Hero Build. If you want to see other heroes we built, please click here

Sez Gaming make Epic Seven EZ. Until next time!