Epic Seven: Taranor Guard Build


Why Taranor Guard?

  • Very easy to build

  • Reliable Defense Break

  • Dual Attack gives bonus Combat Readiness

  • Does not require MolaGora for skill enhance

  • Amazing for contents like Wyvern Hunt and Fire Expedition

How Sez Built the Hero

As you can see, he does not have the best gear on him. He doesn't need great gear if players simply want him for the Combat Readiness Push and S1 Defense Break. Our Taranor Guard is exactly that. The effectiveness is high enough to land defense breaks on Fire Expedition Level 3 and Wyvern Hunt. We also made sure he has a bit of health so he doesn't get killed by splash damage. Notice we kept him at 5 star because we felt he performs well enough with the equipment we gave him.

Feel free to promote him to 6 star if you are planning on using him for a long time and wants some extra damage and stats.

Be sure to turn off his skills when auto battling.

He can also be built as a damage dealer for PVE, but this may require players to 6 star him to maximize damage potential.

Stat Priorities

  1. Effectiveness (65 % for Wyvern 13 100% for Fire Expedition 3)

  2. Speed

  3. Health and Defense (Enough to survive

Skill Enhancement

S1 and S2 are must upgrade to maximize defense break effect chance and dual attack chance. S3 is only needed if you are using him for damage. For us, we usually turn off skills so S3 is useless to this particular build.

Contents Used

Wyvern Hunt (Guide Here)

Fire Expedition (Guide Here)

Artifact Used

Honestly any artifact work. Here are some suggestions:

Daydream Joker: for maximize damage in Wyvern Hunt

Midnight Bloom: helps increase Critical Hit chance for the team

Junkyard Dog: helps landing extra debuff for Wyvern 13

This concludes our Hero Build. If you want to see other heroes we built, please click here

Sez Gaming make Epic Seven EZ. Until next time!