Epic Seven: Top Model Luluca Build

Updated: Dec 11, 2021


Why Top Model Luluca?

  • Very Strong Single Target Damage

  • Extinction on S3 counters a lot of revive compositions

  • S1 double attack deals a lot of damage

  • Synergizes well with Dignus Orb

  • Can push CR and clean up after Cleave teams

  • Speed scaling

  • Stealth is very useful for survivability

  • Viable in Destructive Gigantes and Caides Hunt

How Sez Built the Hero

Top Model Luluca has the ability to counter Ruele, Arbiter Vildred and many other Reviver compositions. She can also deal massive single target damage, while protecting herself with Stealth and Dignus Orb's Shield.

The way we build Top Model Luluca is to be fast enough to follow up with Falconer Kluri. So when Falconer Kluri S3 and defense break a target, she can immediately follow and extinct the target. She can sometimes be used without Falconer Kluri to kill squishy targets too.

In general, Top Model Luluca is pretty straight forward to build, maximize damage stats Attack, Crit Chance, Crit damage and speed.

Stat Priorities

1. Crit Chance, Crit Damage, Speed, Attack

Skill Enhancement

She needs to be +15ed for maximum damage. If you do not need her for Combat Readiness Push, you can keep S2 Victory Pose as +3.

Contents Used

Destructive Gigantes Expedition

Caides Hunt


Guild Wars

World Arena

Artifact Used

Dignus Orb

We think Dignus Orb is the best synergy with Top Model Luluca. Because she usually has very high attack which will give her a massive shield. She also grants herself Stealth on S3. One key thing to know about Stealth and Barrier is that, if the enemy doesn't deal enought damage to break the barrier, the stealth unit will stay in stealth.

Not only for the survivability, Dignus Orb also provides lots of damage boost. So overall is just amazing for Top Model Lulucca.

Other artifacts like Tagahel's Ancient Book, Portrait of Savior will work on Top Model Luluca too.

This concludes this Epic Seven Hero Build. If you want to see other Epic Seven heroes we built, please click here

Sez Gaming make Epic Seven EZ. Until next time!