Epic Seven: Vildred Build

Updated: Nov 20, 2021


Why Vildred?

  • Amazing and fast Farmer as long as its not Fire stages

  • Great for Azimanak and Banshee Hunt (See guides here)

  • One of the few Cleave heroes that also has Speed Imprint

  • Deals massive AOE damage with Passive

How Sez Built the Hero

Vildred is an amazing hero that helped many people in Early game as a farmer and is still able to perform in many late game contents like Azimanak and Banshee Hunts and some PVP contents. This is why it makes him one of the better heroes to get during Selective Summon behind only Sigret due to Sigret being able to farm Wyvern Hunt.

Building Vildred is very simple, damage, damage, damage. Very high focus on Crit Chance, Attack and Crit Hit damage. He is incredibly fast farmer once player is able to provide him with high damage because of his passive "Dancing Blade" which lets him perform an extra attack and grants him an Attack Buff, whenever he kills a unit.

If players are planning on using him in PVP, we suggest putting a bit more speed on him if he is the second attacker.

NOTE: Farmers are heroes that can single handedly defeat adventure and side story stages. Players can use Farmers to level up other units fast and efficiently.

Stat Priorities

  1. Attack, Crit Chance, Critical Hit Damage

  2. Speed

Skill Enhancement

Like many other Damage Dealers, Vildred is very MolaGora demanding if players want him to perform top notch damage. So we will leave the skill enhancement up to players' demand on his damage.

If he is simply going to be a PVE farmer, we suggest putting some investment in S3 and S1.

If he will be featured largely in PVP, we suggest +15 max enhance everything.

Contents Used


Guild Wars

Azimanak Hunt (Guide here)

Banshee Hunt (Guide here)


Artifact Used

Any thief artifact that provides damage works. Portrait of Savior or Exorcist's Tonfa is one great option as we use our Vildred to one shot the enemy on first turn to maximize Farming speed. Again, any artifact that gives him damage helps.

This concludes our Hero Build. If you want to see other heroes we built, please click here

Sez Gaming make Epic Seven EZ. Until next time!