Epic Seven: Violet Build

Updated: 5 days ago


Why Violet?

  • Amazing Single Target Damage

  • Self-Cleanse, Self Heal

  • Evasion makes him hard to kill

  • Violet's S1 applies Decrease Attack debuff

  • Innate counter attack

How Sez Built the Hero

Violet is an amazing single target damage dealer that is very difficult to kill and scales very well with gear. We build him like a bruiser because his self buffs will give him immense amount of damage, which allows us to invest in health and defense. Rarely do we see any tanks survive 2 of his S3 even though our Offensive Stat is not particularly high.

Violet has very high sustain with life steal set, and innate evasion passive. Life steal Set is in our opinion the best set because Violet's constantly counterattacks and his S3 deals so much damage that it will heal and help his sustain significantly. </