Epic Seven: Vivian Build

Updated: 5 days ago


Why Vivian?

  • Teamwide Immunity and Attack Buff

  • Vivian's S2 can potentially kill the enemy team with right setup

  • Great Set Up Hero for Banshee

  • Great PVE Hero

How Sez Built the Hero

Vivian can be useful in many different scenario as she can do a decent damage while help providing two of the most powerful buffs in Attack and Immunity buffs.

Our Vivian is solely for 3 Men Banshee One Shot Team. Her S2 with Greater Attack Buff can clear the first wave of Banshee 13. However her stat priorities are mostly the same. Attack Crit Chance Crit Hit Damage with decent speed so that she takes a turn before enemy kills her. Some Health and Defense also helps with her survival. We use Dignus Orb to further increase her survivability.